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Homemade Goods at WVLT Local 8 Studio Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, isn’t it?  I have learned that the kitchen is also a special place at the WVLT Local 8 Studio in Knoxville.  It’s been fun being invited back this year. Most recently, we made homemade bath bombs in the kitchen there, during the Local 8 News First at […]

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Stretching the Winter Food Budget

FREE newsletter here! Have the holidays left you tapped out, stressed and dreading the next credit card bill?  Did Christmas dinner and New Year’s revelry stretch your budget beyond the limit?  Maybe you can ease into the new year by using some simple tricks to become more frugal in these winter months. Here are a […]

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#EcoEats Challenge Inspires Appetite for Fresh Food

*Really hoping the gift package they promised me from Green is Universal is rocking with good stuff!  How DID they convince me to write this post? (yes, this is called a disclosure) I was worried about taking on another project when I joined the #EcoEats challenge.  Another big change to make, perhaps a sacrifice of […]

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No More Dim Bulbs: ENERGY STAR & Zombies

Post done in cooperation with ENERGY STAR. Have you tried LED bulbs only to be disappointed in the dim or strangely tinted light they created? Apparently the latest greenwashing coming to a retailer near you is a cheap knockoff of an LED lightbulb that doesn’t meet ENERGY STAR standards. We know LEDS save energy and […]

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Pressure washing dome doghouse on green lawn

Five Habits for Saving Money on Home Projects

Watch enough television commercials and you’ll become convinced you can’t live without at least $5,000 worth of new stuff for your home, lawn and garage this fall.  What if you just don’t have the cash to spend?  Here are five habits for saving money on home projects: Borrow or rent equipment you would not use […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Solar PV for Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home, complete with your own solar energy array?  It’s becoming more and more common.  In our Green Goes Mainstream series, we meet a Pennsylvania couple on the leading edge of an American clean energy movement. Bob and Donna Weikert’s home looks like any other quaint homeplace in rural Pennsylvania except for the photovoltaic […]

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Clean Couponing Gets Frugal with More than Money

Maybe you’ve heard about extreme couponing, but how about clean couponing?  No long hours clipping and trading here, just an emphasis on being frugal with more than money. That’s why we’ve started with basics like stretching that chicken and vegetable dinner with a pantry staple.  I love the tips in this article about getting the […]

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Clean Couponing Twitter Party Tonight!

Family dinner is done, the kids are tucked into bed, you’ve finished those last few things on the to-do list.  It’s 9 o’clock Eastern time, 8 Central, so it must be time for a Twitter party! YOU are invited to our first ever Clean Couponing Twitter party tonight, co-hosted by and  We’ll chat […]

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