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Forest Lichen & Other Sights in Snow

There’s just something magical about snow for creating a stark background for discovering forest growth!  This little bit of forest is always a bit damp. The trees tend to host partnerships of algae and fungi called lichen, while ferns anxiously pose, ready for spring. Here’s a look inside my quiet forest as the snow starts […]

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Defending Against Western Wildfires

What do mountain pine beetles and wildfires have in common?  According to foresters, both can destroy poorly managed forests but are less likely to cause damage in well managed forests.  Both thrive in drought conditions. Ryan Lockwood of the Colorado State Forest Service said, “Long-term drought and heavy buildup of trees essentially leads to both […]

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West Gets Wilder in Extreme Climate Times

No words can adequately express the sacrifice of the 19 heroes who stood up to that Arizona wildfire and lost their lives.  Loved ones and fellow firefighters honored the Prescott 19 by draping flags and gathering for a moving memorial service.  The fondly named Hotshots, skilled at this dangerous work, were trapped by flames when […]

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Rediscovering Wilderness in the American Southeast

Bald River Falls, Tennessee A family from Illinois was posing for photos at Bald River Falls when our small group stopped our cars.  No wonder it’s one of the most photographed backdrops in Tennessee, with visitors from around the country.  Spectacular whitewater cascades then slows as it converges to the north with the Tellico River, […]

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Lorax Family Movie Experience

href=””> *Sponsored post in cooperation with Stonyfield My kids were wide-eyed for most of the Lorax this weekend, happily munching movie theater popcorn, and bouncing to some of the songs.  By this time you probably know the Lorax has been a huge box office hit, you might imagine that the animation is superb, and you […]

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Mystical and Dangerous Mayapples

Poisonous Mayapples As a child I was taught to hunt morel mushrooms around patches of mayapples.  Typically, the two grew together in the spring.  It was a welcome site to see abundant mayapples popping up again this spring.  Since last year was a slim one for our morel hunting, I’m hopeful that more sun and […]

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Plans for Smart Jobs in Central Appalachia

The community is buzzing about a free health clinic in the works for next year.  But even bigger plans are in the air around Williamson, West Virginia.  Plans for a future where more local residents might have employment in emerging industries like solar.  A future where the entire community’s health might improve in this part of Central Appalachia. JOBS Project […]

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Woodland Plants Revealed

President Robert Eidus of NC Ginseng & Goldenseal Co. Do you shop at health food stores for what seem like the best nutritional supplements?  Robert Eidus says you might want to think twice about the source.  Eidus is unapologetically a purist about medicinal plants like ginseng, goldenseal and others that he grows on his unique forested mountain farm.  While […]

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Fiddling Ferns

Fiddleheads curl, slowly unfurl, Bowing silent praises to the Creator. Humble forest fronds, fresh from the earth; Bracken playing its part in the larger arrangement. Some fabulous links about the science of ferns: Why Forests Need Ferns Harvard Research Info. University of Michigan Herbarium Great Smoky Mountains Assoc. offers a book A Master Gardener on […]

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