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Oregon Residents Still Have Chance at Right to Know about Genetically Engineered Food

Oregon residents still stand a chance at getting a historic food labeling policy that will no longer keep them in the dark like most of the population.  The Oregon Secretary of State’s office has told Flour Sack Mama that a recount is the likely scenario for State Ballot Measure 92, which would require labeling of […]

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Pollan Family Table Joining #CleanCouponing Holiday Food Twitter Party!

Do you ever get excited about seeing a special aunt or creative friend for a get-together because you know she always brings the most delectable food dish? Maybe you’ll be gathering together with her next week for Thanksgiving.  That’s the way we feel about members of the Pollan family pulling up to the virtual table […]

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Grocery Shopping Gets Easier if Colorado or Oregon Pass GMO Labeling

You’re already watching the budget, counting calories and sugar, and maybe you have someone in the family with special needs like a gluten-free diet.  You may think you can’t afford exclusively organics, but you wonder about all those processed foods that likely contain genetically modified organisms.  How can you know? Unless you shop strictly for […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Growing Demand for Organics

Have you picked an organic food option for you or your family at least once in a while?  Chances are, you have. You’re part of the growing consumer demand for organics, as a wellness-focused lifestyle you may or may not consider “green” is going more mainstream.  Leaders in the organic movement have been discussing this […]

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Favorite Quote on GMOs in Food

Scientists and medical doctors are expressing concern about the safety of something in America’s food supply that didn’t exist decades earlier.  It’s genetically modified organisms — not hybrid plants, not necessarily plants at all, but patented, in-laboratory combinations of plants with genes from other species.  Estimates say 70-80% of processed foods you eat contain GMOs. […]

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Prop 37 Voters Narrow Gap in Final California Vote Totals

California’s Secretary of State has reported its certified vote totals for Proposition 37, the measure to require labeling of genetically engineered foods.  The state’s final report shows the measure lost by less than 3%…narrowed from the apparent 6% gap reported on election night.  The certified vote shows 6,088,714 votes yes to 6,442,371 votes no. Some […]

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Prop 37 GMO-Labeling Supporters Raising Questions about California Vote Counting

Supporters of the popular GMO labeling measure that appeared to have narrowly lost in California’s election are raising serious questions about whether every vote was accurately counted.  The measure would have required many grocery store foods to disclose whether they contain genetically engineered or transgenic ingredients, such as corn designed in a laboratory to grow […]

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