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Lazy Sunday Flower Gardening

Conventional fungicide could have perhaps preventing the spotting on my zinnia that’s developed this summer.  Instead, I choose to leave them alone and maybe experiment with some homemade organic recipes for treating it.  They’re amassed together, and perhaps creating more space around them would help, as well. The good news is they’re attracting pollinators, and […]

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Saturdays in the Garden: Reflections & Photos

We spend most Saturdays in the Garden sharing about organic gardening progress and reviewing growing tips.  This weekend, we’re sharing more photos and taking time to reflect on what gardening means for our souls. What does gardening mean to you when you step through the garden gate?  For me, it’s a chance to commune with […]

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It’s a favorite saying of the saints, perhaps inspired by holy scripture.  May you “bloom where you are planted.”  Around the same time of the year when I’m preoccupied with what we’ll grow in the vegetable garden or display in a flower bed, I only have to look up to see the beauty all around […]

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daffodil flower

Climate Change Brings Earlier Blooms, Longer Growing Seasons

Oh the sweetness of spring, the hopefulness of Easter and the delightfulness of longer, sunnier days!  I remember as a little girl being excited about the daffodils that grew on the hill outside our back door. Although they weren’t exactly Easter lilies, I recall a strong association between these flowers that my mother called jonquils […]

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Bamboo Supports for Zinnia Flowers

These zinnia flowers have found their home in our flower bed and reappear year after year.  They stand so tall that they need a little support.  So my husband placed three small steel rebar into the ground, covered the rebar with bamboo tubes, and strung a little twine in front of the flowers.

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Saving Zinnia Seeds

Zinnias stretch toward the sky in their brightly colored hues outside my garden gate. They remind me of a neighbor’s kindness in sharing some when we first moved to our home.  They remind me of God’s abundance when we seemingly do nothing. They simply grow.  And now we’ll be cutting some to cheer up another […]

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Disney-Inspired Gardening

Gardening inspiration blooms every spring during Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival. It greets visitors with friendly topiaries and spreads vibrant color around every corner of the park. This May, I had the treat of talking with Horticulture Manager Eric Darden about how he uses plants as both backdrops and focal points. It’s one of those […]

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