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Spending the Winter with Stonyfield Organic

*This is a sponsored post for Stonyfield Organic, a family favorite at our house! The days get shorter, the nights get colder, but there’s always something good to look forward to as winter approaches.  Growing up on the farm, it was often a cup of hot cocoa by the wood-burning fireplace.  I especially loved everything […]

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Tennessee Families March Against Monsanto, for GMO Food Labeling

John and Callie Schindler were shopping in downtown Knoxville with baby boy Levi when they saw the long line of marchers in red t-shirts calling for GMO labeling.  They paused for a moment, noting that this food matter is something they’re concerned about every day. “We try to feed him GMO-free food,” they explained about […]

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Waking Up with Stonyfield for Breakfast in Chicago

*Fun Stonyfield YoGetter group event! Locally sourced Illinois fruits, grains and meats were on the menu, along with the most popular organic yogurt in the world by Stonyfield.  A blogger breakfast at Nana restaurant in Chicago made it extra special to Wake Up with Stonyfield!  While several Stonyfield #YoGetter ambassadors and other bloggers enjoyed this […]

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Organic Corn and Sorghum get Boost from Cover Crops

This post is for all of you who’ve laughed when I inquired at farmers’ markets for organic corn.  It’s for all of you who told me “nobody” grows corn organically, at least not in East Tennessee.  Take a look at this cornfield. Rye Grass and Hairy Vetch as Cover Crops for Cornfield You say it […]

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University Researchers Growing Organic Wheat in Southeast

Crop Researcher David Butler, PhD in Organic Wheat Trial FieldsUniversity of Tennessee – Organic Crops Unit On an overcast April day, blades of wheat were already filling in enough of the field to crowd out the few weeds trying to grow there.  When I noticed a dandelion and some clover, I asked if someone would […]

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Bucket Brigade Helps Arkansas Residents Test Air Near Fracking Sites

Local Air Bucket Brigade Organizer Arkansas Mother April Lane The strange, not-quite-sweet smell was in the air as my guides took me on a tour of public roads winding  through rural Arkansas.  At every stop, every time I stepped out of the car along the right-of-way, there it was.  With roads marked with signs like […]

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Interview with Baker Creek Seed Founder Jere Gettle

His employees were busy filling early Spring 2013 seed orders, and he was overseeing a major garden renovation at his company’s Ozarks headquarters.  But Baker Creek Seed founder Jere Gettle still graciously set a few minutes aside to speak with about gardening, seeds and the pure food movement.  Here’s what he had to say:

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Ozarks Family Nurtures Heirloom Seed Heritage

Debbie GettleMother of Baker Creek Seed founder Jere Gettle The aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls and yeast bread loaves filled the air at the Baker Creek Flour Mill when our family stopped by for a visit.  Debbie Gettle was behind the counter where she’s well-known for her baked goods.  “It’s an old, natural way […]

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Modern Seed Pioneer Champions Non-GMO Food

Baker Creek Headquarters in Mansfield, Missouri Walk into the wood-planked Seed Store at Baker Creek’s Mansfield, Missouri headquarters, and you’ll likely find a dozen different varieties of cabbage seeds for your vegetable garden, even more melon  than you could imagine, and the beginnings of a globally diverse flower garden.  What you won’t find are genetically […]

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Show of Support for Farmers Gathering in Washington, DC

Maine farmer and OSGATA President Jim Gerritsen Photo courtesy:  OSGATA People from around the country are gathering in a show of support for small farmers and seed growers who want to preserve American agriculture. They’re planning a peaceful citizens’ assembly in Washington, DC on Thursday, January 10. Iowa-based, family farm inspired group Food Democracy Now […]

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