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Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Farmers vs Monsanto Food Fight

Family farmers and seed growers are disappointed in the United States Supreme Court’s decision to not hear landmark case Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al v Monsanto.  The organic and non-GMO farmers feel their concerns about defending themselves from genetically modified organism crop contamination should be heard.  Their case also states concerns about the […]

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Spending the Winter with Stonyfield Organic

*This is a sponsored post for Stonyfield Organic, a family favorite at our house! The days get shorter, the nights get colder, but there’s always something good to look forward to as winter approaches.  Growing up on the farm, it was often a cup of hot cocoa by the wood-burning fireplace.  I especially loved everything […]

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Happy Birthday, Dad

Thanksgiving is one of those rare times when we stop to appreciate farmers because of what they help put on our dinner tables.  This Thanksgiving in particular I’d like to thank my favorite farmer, my dad.   He helped teach me to drive a tractor, then he didn’t get too upset when I accidentally dented […]

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Family Farmer Shares “Real Dirt” (Book Review)

Think you’ve got all those food labels figured out?  Decided whether you love or hate GMOs?  Sure that your grocery purchasing habits will help save the world from the next great ecological disaster?  Farmer Harry Stoddart is ready to bust your preconceived notions with his new book aptly called “Real Dirt.” Stoddart’s book is easy […]

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Garlic from Folklore to Today’s Organic Garden

Garlic from Folklore to Today’s Organic Garden Its bounteous bulbs with their flavorful bite and unmistakable aroma make garlic a notable ingredient for spicing up our culture. Author Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat describes in A History of Food how ancient peoples both loved and hated this member of the onion family.  Toussaint-Samat writes that garlic is thought […]

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Green Inspirations from Biltmore Estate

The first comprehensive forest plan in the Western Hemisphere was developed for woodlands on Biltmore Estate, according to estate history.  Over thousands of acres, more trees were planted to prevent erosion and then forested areas were often selectively thinned. Today’s visitors to this North Carolina treasure can enjoy the panoramic views created by rolling hills […]

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Fight Pesticides: Support Farm Families

*This post is part of my application for a special paid Stonyfield Farm blogger ambassadorship.  #ad I may receive food coupons from Stonyfield from time to time because of this and my relationship as a Stonyfield #YoGetter, but my opinions are always my own. Have you seen this hilarious new video of the superhero farmer […]

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All Stirred Up about Yogurt and GMOs

You might have heard about the latest food controversy involving a non-GMO group calling out a so-called “natural” Greek yogurt maker for selling yogurt that could contain genetically modified organisms.  The yogurt maker is accused of using dairy cows that could have eaten GMO grain.  If you’re really into the non-GMO movement, this may come […]

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Non-GMO Farmers, Consumers Still Seeking Protections from Transgenic Crop Systems

Genetically modified crops designed to survive extra pesticides have been conventional agriculture’s way of “feeding the world” for the past few decades.  Yet health concerns, crop vulnerability and unwanted cross-contamination have been lingering questions, especially in the environmental health and organic agriculture communities. Pesticide Action Network states on its website, “…pesticide producers have marketed their […]

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