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Box of Layette Memories

The box came tied with twine, decorated with cheery painted sunflowers.  My Aunt Ruby knew how much I would appreciate the little treasures she sent.  It was a box full of layette memories. A faded red-orange floral design had been stitched with row after row of thread to create a bonnet.  White shell buttons fastened the main […]

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Sequoyah Birthplace Museum

Grounds of Sequoyah Birthplace Museum Overlooking Burial Mound On a quiet shore of the Little Tennessee River lies a trail, amphitheater and museum in memory of the Cherokee Nation’s most famous member.  The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum invites all people to meet the creator of the Cherokee writing system. Sequoyah was born in a village just […]

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Fall Family Hiking Destination

Experienced hikers can discover more than 50 miles of trails and backcountry camping opportunities at East Tennessee’s Frozen Head State Park & Natural Area. Families with young children can find playgrounds and short one or two mile hiking paths, as well.  The park is in Wartburg, accessible by weekend drive from Nashville, Knoxville or Lexington. […]

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Growing Cabbage and Kids

Growing Cabbage and Kids How about an all-natural family project for $2 or less? That’s what I reassured myself after noting that I’m probably a few weeks late this time getting the red cabbage seeds planted from Sow True Seed. They are perfect for late summer, per the package. I’m not so sure about early […]

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Simple Steps to Detox Your Home

Ready to cut down on possible toxic health risks in everyday life?  We already know the dangers of smoking, and individually we can’t do much to stop industrial air pollution.  But, we can take small steps everyday, in our own homes. One of the first tips on detoxing our homes, from Women’s Voices for the […]

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Why Women’s Health and Home?

Did you know that tens of thousands of chemicals that we use everyday, in our homes and on our bodies, haven’t even been tested for safety?  Scientists are concerned that some may be causing serious health problems.  That’s why a national group is educating and empowering women with tips on ridding our lives of toxic […]

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Customizing Kid Gear the Second Time Around

If you’re like many parents these days, you find yourself wanting to give your children the best of everything, but not quite being able to afford it.  With a first child, certain material things might have seemed attainable.  The second time around, reality sets in. When my preschooler became school-aged and needed a bigger backpack, […]

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Unique Southern Hotel Destination

Looking for an out-of-the way place to spend some relaxing time?  You might to try historic Boone Tavern and Hotel on the campus of Berea College in rural Kentucky. Located south of Lexington, the facility recently underwent a renovation with LEED certification.  It’s a unique Southern hotel destination. Guests can appreciate handcrafted wood furniture made […]

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