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Christians For The Mountains

As a Sunday school teacher at his local nondenominational church, Allen Johnson can teach lessons about the Beatitudes, Ten Commandments and other scriptural encounters with the Divine atop mountains.  He enjoys living in a beautiful area of the upper Appalachians on the border of Virginia and West Virginia.  But when he drives a few miles […]

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Faith Communities Flock to Heifer Ranch

It’s typical to find the parking lot filled with church vans at Heifer Ranch.  Groups pay their way to experience lives of poverty in the Global Village.  They come from all over. They come from many different churches, not necessarily touting the same religious message. I asked assistant manager Diane Gunvalson why she thinks Heifer […]

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Handmade Laundry Soap Mission Touches Lives

When my dad sent the clipping from the local newspaper, I knew I had to cover this story. I was amazed at the way one woman had connected with hundreds of families by focusing on a mundane, everyday necessity:  laundry detergent. She realized the need was great, every week, for hundreds of families still awaiting […]

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Ministry for Joplin Tornado Victims Continues

It was not a particularly busy day for shoppers when I visited the Distribution Center behind College Heights Christian Church on the northern edge of Joplin, Missouri.  It was a busy day for staff and volunteers.  Shrink-wrapped goods were in the process of being organized, the phone was being answered at the area set up […]

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Meet the Author of Almost Amish

Admit it.  You’ve probably done the same thing I have in the store checkout line.  You’ve picked up one of the flashy women’s magazines with the fabulous photos and headlines, thinking this will be the article with the answers to finally becoming more beautiful, successful, organized, and better at cooking from scratch.  Then we’re almost […]

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Easter Table Linen from Poland

Celebrating the Christian tradition of Easter includes a meaningful new decoration at our house this week.  Our friend, Lena, who has ancestors from Ukraine and Poland, gifted our family with a mint-condition, vintage, European textile. The linen table runner features a lovely woven basket full of Easter eggs, tulip and daffodils representing new life in Christ.  The […]

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Voices for Children and Justice

I slipped into the lodge at the world-renowned Children’s Defense Fund Haley Farm just as the guest authors were being introduced to read from their works.  They stood against an oversized stone hearth filled with a diverse collection of faith symbols.  Their audience sat reverently, intent on their words. The first was author and East Tennessee historian […]

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