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Green Your Halloween: Simpler Costumes, Less Scary Makeup

Have you decided to go greener this Halloween or fall festival time?  Will you save money, find safer products, simplify?  If buying a costume ready made from the store works simplest for you, understood.  You might want to avoid slick plastic PVC or anything with a strong plastic smell to it.  You might also choose […]

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University of Tennessee Physician Speaks to Group at Unacceptable Levels Screening

University of Tennessee physician Dr. Ragi Doggweiler is accustomed to questions about her integrative approach to healthcare.  She did not shy away from questions from the crowd who’d just screened the award-winning documentary film Unacceptable Levels in Knoxville.  The audience had learned reasons why we’re all surrounded by so many toxic chemicals, with babies born […]

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STRONG, not scared: UT Medical Center Physician to Speak after Unacceptable Levels Knoxville Screening

***BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Ragi Doggweiler, the physician who is Director of Integrative Healthcare at UT Cancer Institute, has agreed to be our featured guest speaker after the Knoxville screening of Unacceptable Levels!  Dr. Doggweiler will address the audience briefly and be available to answer questions. We are efforting the ability for ticket sales to expand […]

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Organic Architect Builds Case for Green Buildings

So, you’ve admired extravagant office buildings and homes with the latest green building features, but you thought you could never afford them.  Perhaps you’ve heard that building green costs you more.  Leading architect Eric Corey Freed breaks through the myths about green, energy saving construction!  In addition to leading an architecture team, he’s a   dynamic author and […]

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Top Pediatricians Speak up about Children’s Environmental Health and Unacceptable Levels

The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics has said it very clearly.  “The linkage between chemical exposure and cancer, developmental disabilities, asthma and other health conditions is well-established.  Yet, Congress has been unable to approve meaningful TSCA reform since 1976,” wrote AAP President and medical doctor Thomas McInerny in a letter this summer to […]

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Thousands Plan to Draw the Line Saturday on Keystone XL

“That money’s burning a hole in your pocket!”   “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” “Waste not, want not.”   Anybody else grow up hearing those truisms?  Those same generations of folks that raised us on some rather conservative values were also the generations that viewed any sort of technological progress as something that […]

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Director Ed Brown on Unacceptable Levels

Ed Brown is the dad next door.  He and his wife just welcomed their third child into this world, and he couldn’t be prouder.  But starting a family didn’t happen without some heartache.  After being born with a cataract and growing up with asthma, after seeing his wife suffer from Crohn’s disease, and then more […]

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Cleaning Up the Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Who just loves mopping floors?  You don’t?  Me either.  But I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when the hardwoods are shiny and dust-free and my kids remember to take their shoes off at the door so they don’t track in extra debris.  It just feels right to get a task like that done. For […]

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This is Personal: Fixing America’s Broken Chemical Safety Policy

Do you find it acceptable that our babies are typically born with hundreds of toxins in their cord blood? Do you find it acceptable that the US does not use the precautionary principle to protect its citizens, while other developed countries use a more cautious approach to health and safety? Do you find it acceptable […]

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