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Favorite Quote on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

If you’re a new or expectant parent trying to educate yourself, chances are you’ve been reading a bit about endocrine disrupting chemicals.  Here’s our favorite quote about why we should be paying more attention to EDCs, from a leading scientist on the issue. Here’s the complete article about research being done on EDCs found near […]

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Talking Non-Toxics & Organics for Home at March Clean Couponing Party

*The following is a sponsored post for #CleanCouponing sponsors Zoeganics & SOS From Texas.  My opinions are always my own. So you know about eating organic.  What other ways can an organic lifestyle benefit you or your family? Did you know a large portion of the globe’s pesticides are used, not on food, but on […]

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EPA Responds to Environmental Advocates, to Set Rules on Coal Ash Disposal

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking long-awaited steps to determine the safest way of dealing with coal ash waste from United States power plants.  More than 136 million tons of the stuff is produced each year in the US per government estimates.  The EPA has responded to a coalition of environmental watchdogs by agreeing to […]

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Illuminating & Greening Your Christmas

Do you deck the halls and outdo the neighbors with your light display or barely manage to install a tree in your living room?  Wherever you are on the Christmas-decorating spectrum, there’s something for you this Saturday on The Housing Hour.  Hosts Kevin Rhea and Mark Griffith are featuring a professional light installer who can […]

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University of Tennessee Physician Speaks to Group at Unacceptable Levels Screening

University of Tennessee physician Dr. Ragi Doggweiler is accustomed to questions about her integrative approach to healthcare.  She did not shy away from questions from the crowd who’d just screened the award-winning documentary film Unacceptable Levels in Knoxville.  The audience had learned reasons why we’re all surrounded by so many toxic chemicals, with babies born […]

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STRONG, not scared: UT Medical Center Physician to Speak after Unacceptable Levels Knoxville Screening

***BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Ragi Doggweiler, the physician who is Director of Integrative Healthcare at UT Cancer Institute, has agreed to be our featured guest speaker after the Knoxville screening of Unacceptable Levels!  Dr. Doggweiler will address the audience briefly and be available to answer questions. We are efforting the ability for ticket sales to expand […]

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Southern Church Serves Up Local Food with Faith Message

Anyone stopping by to share a meal Sunday at the First Presyterian Church of Oak Ridge could find a flyer explaining “we put meat on our prayers.”  These churchgoers spend only a tiny part of their “church” time sitting quietly in pews. Even the 100-Mile-Potluck was not your typical church social. It was an event […]

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Ask Your Favorite Retailers to Mind the Store!

You may be wearing them, your toddler may be crawling on them, perhaps you even cooked with them this morning.  It was perfectly legal for your favorite store to sell them to you, and the law says you don’t even have to be informed on the label that they exist.  They’re chemicals of serious health […]

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Breast Cancer Fund Puts Focus on Prevention

What if our friends and loved ones never had to suffer from cancer because it could be prevented in the first place?  It’s such a bold, bodacious idea that the Breast Cancer Fund dares to ask it. Science and Education Manager Connie Engel, PhD said, “We focus on prevention by eliminating those environmental exposures  that […]

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