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#CleanWater Twitter Party in support of #MizzouFrackingResearch

Maybe you’ve heard the expression “something’s in the water” mentioned in a lighthearted way.  We say it to explain a seemingly harmless but mysterious idea like why several of our friends are having baby showers all at once.  What if something in the water could seriously lead to fertility problems, birth defects and other health […]

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Hope for Slowing Climate Change

Just how serious is the climate change that scientists understand is caused by the globe’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuel? co-founder and renowned journalist Bill McKibben sat down to explain the human cost to our families. See our entire interview with McKibben here, and see what he discussed with a large audience of concerned […]

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Cotton, Pesticides, Planet & People

Who else has drawer after drawer of t-shirts from ball teams, store promotions, chess clubs, Bible school and community groups?  Did you know that every t-shirt requires about half its weight in chemical inputs before becoming that popular gear?  That’s what Texas farmer Gary Oldham calculated before deciding to start growing cotton with organic methods […]

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Unacceptable Levels Screenings Soon in Texas, Louisiana, California,Tennessee

Does it seem acceptable to you that our babies are born prepolluted with traces of toxic chemicals and that Americans carry some of the globe’s highest levels of toxins in our blood? The independent film about a young family’s quest to understand how so many toxic chemicals got into our bodies might be coming to […]

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Shout Out for Solar Day

Increasingly more economical and cleaner solar power is being celebrated after a banner growth year by the industry.  Friday is “Shout Out for Solar Day” organized by the Solar Energy Industries Association. While the industry has its detractors for competition with coal and for perceived inefficiencies, solar or photovoltaic energy has created nearly 120,000 jobs. […]

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Researchers Find Endocrine Disrupting Waters Near Fracking Sites

Waters near sites of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in Colorado have higher-than-normal hormone disrupting properties, according to a newly released study.   This points to measurable changes to both surface and groundwater that could be a threat to public health.  It’s the latest in a slew of studies pointing to health and environmental concerns […]

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