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The Housing Hour Features Home & Environmental Topics from a Mom’s Perspective

Have you heard the latest news about that popular product you may be putting on your lawn right now?  How about efforts to clear the air for kids’ health?  Or what you could say to your local store manager today that would forever change the way you look at shopping?  Let’s look at these things […]

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Earth Care Chat with Sierra Club & Eco Author

You don’t have to tell the parent of a child with asthma that when your child can’t breathe, nothing else matters.  They’ve been there. One in ten children in this country depends on a rescue inhaler because of an asthma diagnosis.  Others still, young and old, suffer a range of heart and lung diseases.  It […]

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Women Respond to Education Policy & More after President Obama’s East Tennessee Visit

How do you get the opportunity to hear the President of the United States speak in person? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  “I really just wanted to be in the same room as the President.  I thought that would be pretty cool!” shared Anne M. […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Tennesseans Tell EPA #ActOnClimate

The weekend before a busload of Tennesseans headed to a historic Environmental Protection Agency hearing in Atlanta, their rural East Tennessee neighbors endured a tornado with 140-mile-per-hour winds that damaged or destroyed around a dozen homes. Thankfully there were no reports of injuries, despite high winds, hail and dangerous lightning.  Our special Flour Sack Mama […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Kentucky Coal Businessmen See Potential in Renewable Energy

Climate change concerns versus coal dust celebrations, clean air rules versus community freedoms, environmental ideals versus mining jobs? What if the way America’s been debating its energy future is based on false dichotomies?  What if the very industry blamed in part for climate destruction has the most power to build a renewable energy future?  In […]

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Could Kids Breathe Easier & Prosper with Cleaner Energy Plan?

Does your child suffer from asthma?  The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that air pollution can be a trigger, and that if you hear a poor air quality report, you should keep your child indoors. Don’t pediatricians also tell us our kids should be as active as possible and spend more time playing outdoors? It’s […]

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Saturdays in the Garden: Tiny Insect Inhabitants & Organic Care for the Ecosystem

Venture inside the organic garden gate and you’ll find a bustling world of tiny inhabitants.  These insects create an ecologically diverse community, giving to and receiving from various plants what each needs for survival.  Sure, an imbalance of pests can threaten a crop. That’s why integrated pest management is the ideal aim of organic gardeners. […]

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Why Climate is an Issue Close to any Mom’s Heart

Unless you happen to be a marine biologist already studying ocean acidification or a firefighter on seasonal duty in the nation’s great forests, climate change might not be on your personal radar.  That’s absolutely understandable.  From your role as a mother, if you’re not also a scientist, you might have not yet been concerned about […]

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