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Why this Earth Mama Chose Beautycounter for Safety

In an effort to keep this blog and my independent journalism efforts sustainable, I’ve recently become an independent Beautycounter consultant.  You have the opportunity to show your support by shopping with me here. I grew up digging in the dirt on the family farm, making mud pies and still cleaning up for Sunday School every […]

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Women Respond to Education Policy & More after President Obama’s East Tennessee Visit

How do you get the opportunity to hear the President of the United States speak in person? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  “I really just wanted to be in the same room as the President.  I thought that would be pretty cool!” shared Anne M. […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: 10 Tips for Greener Home & School Habits

Would you believe that each of us generates around four and a third pounds of garbage from normal living in the United States each day?  Of that, we might recycle or compost a small portion, keeping less than half of that garbage out of expensive landfills. The Environmental Protection Agency says in 2012 alone, we […]

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Visiting Historic Gettysburg with Kids

The following is a sponsored post in conjunction with Destination Gettysburg, in order to bring you more FREE family friendly content! Three remarkable days of battle in 1863 and one historic Presidential address have etched Gettysburg into the national consciousness.  Yet, you could spend days on end exploring the splendor and history lessons that are […]

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BPA Study in Primates Reveals Danger to Unborn

BPA Study Reveals Danger to the Unborn Could a pregnant mother’s exposure to tiny amounts of hormone disrupting bisphenol A affect the future health of her unborn child?  A pioneer in BPA study says new research gets as close as ethically possible to testing the man-made substance on women, revealing danger to the unborn. Curators’ […]

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What I Learned about Blogging at the Build Your Blog Conference

Blogging as life and blogging as business were central subtext amid smiling faces and door prize giveaways at the second Build Your Blog Conference in Salt Lake City. Watching established blogger and former television producer Jill Nystul encourage a room full of aspiring bloggers reinforced the notion that we indeed live in a time of […]

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In-Depth Discussions of Genetically Modified Food Happening Now

*The following article contains affiliate links to help continue bringing you news YOU want about topics that affect your life! If you are what you eat, what does it mean that we’re all eating genetically engineered food without informed consent? Scientists, physicians, farmers, business leaders and parents are taking an inside look at America’s food […]

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Food: KISS

Our homes and lives have become so busy and sophisticated…we can’t even understand what we’re eating anymore.  Really, have you tried reading the labels?  Maybe we just need to go back to the KISS method:  keep it simple, stupid.  No, we’re not stupid; we’re just uninformed.  How can we keep food simple enough as to […]

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Stacy Malkan’s GMOs: What You Need to Know Virtual Conference

*The following article contains affiliate links to help continue bringing you news YOU want about topics that affect your life! Should I turn the kids loose in the cereal aisle or limit their choices?  Does it really matter what most USDA-approved school lunches are full of these days?  High fructose corn syrup is the same […]

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