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Historic Garden Nurtures Native Southeastern Plants

When horticulturist Brian Campbell started working at the Knoxville Botanical Garden, he conducted a plant density study of acreage that had been home to the historic Howell Nurseries’ greenhouses.  He determined that less than half of the plant life was native.  This was compared to an average of about 80% native plant life in most […]

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World-Class Lab Showcases Native Landscaping

A man strolls beside a water lily-covered pond during his lunchbreak.  Several other employees have ventured outdoors among native ferns and wildflowers. Three wild turkeys meander along a nearby patch of grass.  Native ferns, azalea, purple ironweed and other wildflowers paint different segments of the landscape. ORNL Natural Resources Manager Pat Parr near Equisetum Beds […]

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