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EPA Finds Insecticide Threatens Pollinators

Could certain insecticides be threatening the bees we need to keep agriculture flourishing and put food on our dinner tables? The latest information from the Environmental Protection Agency confirms what researchers and conservationists have been warning about. The EPA has announced that its preliminary risk assessment shows the neonicotinoid insecticide named imidacloprid can pose a […]

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What You Need to Know about Farming

Family farms that once filled America’s countryside are both shrinking and disappearing.  These were the stuff of a diverse, local and regional food system that once provided the security of knowing you could stock your pantry from what was grown just down the road.  Space was plentiful for growing large market gardens.  If you wanted […]

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Saturdays in the Garden: President Obama Creates Plan to Protect Pollinators

Could the American food supply be at risk from a lack of healthy pollinators in our farms and gardens? That’s the concern behind a new Pollinator Health Task Force established by President Barack Obama this summer.  Of course, pollinators, especially bees, are critically important for agriculture.  Here’s what the White House sent out in a […]

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Saturdays in the Garden: Getting Crops In, Pests Out

Spring has sprung full force toward summer, with spring rains nourishing new growth in our little organic family garden.  It’s incredibly satisfying to see a simple seed become the plant that will soon produce summer squash.  It’s been good to finish direct seeding pole beans and corn, lettuce, more spinach, plus herbs. I also admire […]

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Mother Honors Baby’s Memory at Stroller Brigade

The unmatched strength of a mother’s love propelled one Michigan woman to Washington, DC recently for the national Stroller Brigade for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.  Jennifer Canvasser traveled along with two registered nurses who had cared for her newborn twin boys and their special needs. After overcoming infertility challenges, Canvasser and her husband, Noah are […]

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Top Pediatricians Speak up about Children’s Environmental Health and Unacceptable Levels

The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics has said it very clearly.  “The linkage between chemical exposure and cancer, developmental disabilities, asthma and other health conditions is well-established.  Yet, Congress has been unable to approve meaningful TSCA reform since 1976,” wrote AAP President and medical doctor Thomas McInerny in a letter this summer to […]

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Preserving Wild Side of Belize Involves Educating Christian College Students

What do scientists in Belize have in common with Christian college students in Appalachia?  They’re all interested in stewardship of the earth’s natural resources.  Recently a classroom of biology majors at Carson-Newman University in East Tennessee welcomed a representative from Belize to their Environmental Assessment class.  They wanted to learn modern scenarios where development and […]

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Historic Garden Nurtures Native Southeastern Plants

When horticulturist Brian Campbell started working at the Knoxville Botanical Garden, he conducted a plant density study of acreage that had been home to the historic Howell Nurseries’ greenhouses.  He determined that less than half of the plant life was native.  This was compared to an average of about 80% native plant life in most […]

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World-Class Lab Showcases Native Landscaping

A man strolls beside a water lily-covered pond during his lunchbreak.  Several other employees have ventured outdoors among native ferns and wildflowers. Three wild turkeys meander along a nearby patch of grass.  Native ferns, azalea, purple ironweed and other wildflowers paint different segments of the landscape. ORNL Natural Resources Manager Pat Parr near Equisetum Beds […]

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What Tiny Insects Reveal About Waterways

Dr. Kevin Moulton, PhD in North Georgia Photo Courtesy Susan Moulton Navigating, hiking, and swimming skills are some non-so-obvious requirements for many research scientists.  Despite the long hours with microscopes and computers, most are also responsible for collecting their own specimens.  Although he sometimes has help, entomologist Kevin Moulton, PhD has spent long hours collecting […]

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