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Grocery Shopping Gets Easier if Colorado or Oregon Pass GMO Labeling

You’re already watching the budget, counting calories and sugar, and maybe you have someone in the family with special needs like a gluten-free diet.  You may think you can’t afford exclusively organics, but you wonder about all those processed foods that likely contain genetically modified organisms.  How can you know? Unless you shop strictly for […]

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Back to the Roots Restaurant Week for East Tennessee with Certified Naturally Grown

When you spend your hard-earned money to dine at a restaurant, do you savor ingredients from a giant can that traveled hundreds of miles via a food service company  or would you rather eat from a local farm?  East Tennesseans who prefer real, farm-fresh food have the chance to support the local food economy with […]

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Stonyfield Bloggers #CheatOnGreek with French-Inspired Treat

*This is a sponsored post in cooperation with Stonyfield. I’ve been a committed Stonyfield Greek yogurt eater for some time now, dutifully watching for zero fat, all organic ingredients and five live active cultures that are supposed to be good for me. I’ve been faithful.  Of course, I was shocked and surprised when this delectable […]

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Organic Enthusiasts Discuss how #GreenGoesMainstream

Do you pick organic foods at least some of the time for your shopping cart?  Grow your own heirloom tomatoes or visit the farmer in your hometown who does?  You are undoubtedly part of the movement embracing real, organically grown food without toxic pesticides or suspect additives. Concerned about health and your children’s health in […]

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Saturdays in the Garden: Getting Crops In, Pests Out

Spring has sprung full force toward summer, with spring rains nourishing new growth in our little organic family garden.  It’s incredibly satisfying to see a simple seed become the plant that will soon produce summer squash.  It’s been good to finish direct seeding pole beans and corn, lettuce, more spinach, plus herbs. I also admire […]

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Blogger Shares about Her Journey to Gluten Free Living

Kim Pebley is a blogger who’s overcome celiac disease, now sharing her story and gluten free resources with others.  Here’s our recent conversation:   Q: How old were you when you discovered you had celiac disease and how did that change your life? A: In 2008, I just couldn’t accept that my awful gastrointestinal symptoms […]

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Top Pediatricians Speak up about Children’s Environmental Health and Unacceptable Levels

The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics has said it very clearly.  “The linkage between chemical exposure and cancer, developmental disabilities, asthma and other health conditions is well-established.  Yet, Congress has been unable to approve meaningful TSCA reform since 1976,” wrote AAP President and medical doctor Thomas McInerny in a letter this summer to […]

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