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Creating a Baby-Safe World Amid the Chaos

Rocks dug into my left knee, not once, but twice, during my tomboyish days growing up on the family farm.  The worst gash involved tiny bits of gravel that my mother picked from the bloodied pit in my leg. Neither gash impressed my parents enough to drive me to the doctor for stitches.  I was […]

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Southern Church Celebrates God’s Creation

The stately stone building anchors the block of a quaint Chattanooga, Tennessee neighborhood, complete with slate tile roof and Celtic cross.  Its surrounding lawn is perhaps what you would expect near a house of worship, except for small differences in the details.  Clover is allowed in otherwise tidy stretches of grass.   Generous areas are […]

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Tennessee Christians Promote Creation Care of Mountains

Drive along many of Appalachia’s scenic byways, and you may not notice what’s just over the ridge. A Tennessee-based Christian group is calling for all of us to peer closer, before it’s too late.  “Only God Should Move Mountains,” declares the flyer full of questions and answers, pasted with photos of rust-colored water and bare […]

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