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Frugal Homemade Car Organizers

Ever bought a ready-made organizer for your car and found it didn’t quite work?  We had been underwhelmed with a ready-made organizer purchased a few years ago and just stopped using it.  I wanted something larger and more versatile. Old blue jeans and other remnants helped create extremely frugal, all-cloth organizers to go on the […]

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Work by Hand: Green Tea Lights

Planning on decorating your breakfast nook with a sense of character?  How about a tea set that illuminates? Alice Chandler Velker and her husband, Glen Velker, are handcrafting chandeliers from tea cups and saucers.  They scour antique stores and estate sales for serving sets, occasionally buying new for pieces like the harder-to-find teapots. Alice Chanler […]

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Work by Hand: Healing Worn Soles

Work by Hand: Healing Worn Soles Long-time customer Clark Walker brought a well-worn pair of loafers to the counter, where Barbara Woods closely eyed the soles.  “I’d put a solid rubber heel on that.  It’ll wear a lot better,” she advised. “I’ve been coming here a long time,” shared Walker. Before leaving his shoes, he’d […]

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Easy Blanket Craft Warms Hearts

Special blankets are a favorite keepsake for both of my children.They’ve loved every last one that was hand quilted or knitted or bought from a store, gifted from various loved ones.  In the warmer months I’ve had to continually put them back up in the closet as they get out one after another and pile […]

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Wreath-Inspired Treadle-Stitched Christmas Ornament

The girls helped me stuff another homemade Christmas ornament today, for their aunt.  The nostalgic cotton print we were using contained small wreaths, which inspired our circular design. We chose vintage buttons to stitch into the middle of the lightly stuffed circle.  A bit of grosgrain ribbon completed our wreath with a red bow. We […]

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More Treadle-Stitching Homemade Christmas Ornaments

My in-laws will soon receive a handmade set of fabric Christmas ornaments stitched on the Singer Redeye 66 treadle sewing machine.  Once the treadle got into working order and I learned to wind a bobbin, I was ready to sew.  My first ornament was a heart-shaped one decorated with a vintage doll print. Inspiration for […]

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Folk Art to Inspire Your Christmas

If you’re interested in folk art infused with faith, there’s no better example than the humble nativity set crafted to fair trade standards.  The raw materials are everything from native stone to olive wood, from metal to recycled newspapers.  Here are a few we recently saw from around the world…some folk art to inspire your […]

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Super Girly Homemade Cape Costume

Want to try sewing an easy homemade costume  It doesn’t get much simpler than a cape.  My preschooler recently gave me the opportunity by announcing her intention to be Supergirl this Halloween! So we made a super girly homemade cape costume. I searched my collection of leftover fabrics to find a solid pink polyester/cotton blend […]

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