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Energy Tech Entrepreneur Says It Pays to Go Solar

Founder David Bolt of Sustainable Future How did you feel the last time you opened your utility bill?  Wonder how the cost could be so high?  Many of David Bolt’s clients have seen their utility bills slashed, and some even get money back from the electric company.  Bolt says he went for years without paying […]

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Efforts to Preserve More Tennessee Wilderness & Water

Does it make sense to you that we preserve more of the nation’s natural beauty?  You’re in good company.  A diverse group of folks support efforts to protect public lands as wilderness, meaning they remain untouched from road building, intense logging, mining or even hydraulic fracturing. The Tennessee Wilderness Act would protect nearly 20,000 acres […]

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Preserving a Future in Family Farming

Ask the farmers at the typical feed co-op or coffee shop if they’d willingly give up some land rights, and you might just offend somebody. At least, that’s the conventional way of looking at things.  Ask farmers if they’d like to see their land stay in the family and see their community stay whole, you might get […]

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