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Southern Church Serves Up Local Food with Faith Message

Anyone stopping by to share a meal Sunday at the First Presyterian Church of Oak Ridge could find a flyer explaining “we put meat on our prayers.”  These churchgoers spend only a tiny part of their “church” time sitting quietly in pews. Even the 100-Mile-Potluck was not your typical church social. It was an event […]

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Stonyfield Chairman Gary Hirshberg Talks GMOs with

He’s been an ag educator, a husband and parent, even a small dairy farmer.  Now the Chairman of the world’s most popular organic yogurt brand, Stonyfield’s Gary Hirshberg, encourages business innovation and consumer awareness through the Just Label It campaign and other forums. Hirshberg graciously took the time to answer questions from about genetically […]

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EPIC Summer Family Movie Review

Cool theater, green Real 3D glasses for the kids, and an in-your-face experience:  just what our family needed to kick off the start to summer!  We recently experienced our EPIC movie adventure at the Regal Cinemas Pinnacle Stadium 18 in Tennessee’s Turkey Creek center. The kids stayed fixed on the giant screen the entire time, […]

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Exploring Tennessee’s Wilderness

You don’t have to travel far to explore Tennessee’s wild side.  Thankfully, we still have areas like Cherokee National Forest where tree canopies and cool waters lure hikers and anglers.  Recently WildSouth’s Jeff Hunter took a group of new media folks out to an area conservationists want to preserve with the Tennessee Wilderness Act.  We […]

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Protecting Headwaters for Downstream Residents

Bald River FallsCherokee National Forest It’s a resource so precious that Georgia leaders have considered helping themselves to it by nudging the boundary between that state and Tennessee near the city of Chattanooga.  The water that flows along the Tennessee River is the primary drinking water source for Chattanooga’s 170,000 residents.  Before that water gets […]

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Rediscovering Wilderness in the American Southeast

Bald River Falls, Tennessee A family from Illinois was posing for photos at Bald River Falls when our small group stopped our cars.  No wonder it’s one of the most photographed backdrops in Tennessee, with visitors from around the country.  Spectacular whitewater cascades then slows as it converges to the north with the Tellico River, […]

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Preserving Wild Side of Belize Involves Educating Christian College Students

What do scientists in Belize have in common with Christian college students in Appalachia?  They’re all interested in stewardship of the earth’s natural resources.  Recently a classroom of biology majors at Carson-Newman University in East Tennessee welcomed a representative from Belize to their Environmental Assessment class.  They wanted to learn modern scenarios where development and […]

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Book Review: The Perfect Protein by Oceana CEO

God bless the poor attendant behind the meat counter the next time I shop for seafood.  After reading the new book The Perfect Protein by Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless, I’ll be fishing for all sorts of information.  Is this fish farm raised or wild caught?  How many miles did it travel to the store?  How […]

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Saving Energy Gets Personal for Solar Entrepreneur

Sustainable Future Founder David Bolt at his Demonstration Solar Park Saving energy is obviously more than a slogan or selling point for Knoxville businessman David Bolt. Sure, his family saved money when the power company had to pay them for energy, because solar panels and conservation methods created their net zero energy home.  And more […]

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