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The Hunt for PS #6 Polystyrene

Part of my homework after bringing home my first recycling bag for expanded polystyrene was to locate the little symbol stamped into the product.  Here it is.  It’s the number 6 surrounded by a triangle of chasing arrows, with the letters “PS” under the triangle. I assumed it would months before my household would fill up our 100-gallon bag […]

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Green Cleaning Progress

It’s been a month since our Green Cleaning Party when some friends joined me in trying out the recipes from Women’s Voices for the Earth. It was fun getting together and seeing everyone’s reactions to mixing up simpler versions of commercially produced household cleaners. The WVE nonprofit organization does an excellent job of explaining why making […]

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Smart Moms on Christmas Consumerism

I wanted to share more with you from my conversations about Christmas consumerism with two smart moms. The surprising thing these two moms have in common is that neither one has Santa leave gifts on Christmas morning.  Their diverse personal reasons for that had little to do, they said, with consumerism. Assistant University Professor Shannon […]

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Ready, Set, Shop!!!

Ready, set, shop! Here we are, two and half weeks away from Thanksgiving — several weeks longer until Christmas — and we’ve already been served a full helping of holiday marketing. Did you notice how quickly the red and green candies replaced the aisles of candy corn and other Halloween goodies at local stores? Haven’t you heard […]

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Storing Up Christmas Treasures

Another gorgeous autumn morning gave my family the perfect opportunity for a leisurely few hours of tag sale treasure hunting. I’m always on the lookout for great buys on seasonal décor that I would not pay retail for. This particular morning, we found ourselves at two different sales offering Christmas decorations. The first sale we […]

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Tag Sale Tips

Limit Purchases My 2-year-old recently chose a stuffed animal to purchase for 50 cents at a garage sale. The small brown dog with the realistic-looking nose has become a favorite of hers. It seemed like new when we bought it, but I gave it a bath and a fluff anyway when we brought it home. […]

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About Money & Happiness

More green in your wallet still can’t really buy happiness, but it can color your view of your life a bit rosier.  Researchers at Princeton University have published their intriguing study titled “High Income Improves Evaluation of Life But Not Emotional Well-Being.” In the study, professors Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton looked at Gallup Organization data […]

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Unscrambling Egg Labeling for Consumers

Perhaps part of your busy day involves shopping at the local store for groceries. When you stop at the dairy case for eggs, you spot a carton with a picture of green pastures or some other bucolic scene. Here’s a happy looking chicken. There’s another carton with some reassuring words such as “natural” or “free […]

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