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Join My Family & Moms Clean Air Force for a Play-In for Climate Action

Does someone in your household start coughing after strenuous activity in the summer, maybe even use a rescue inhaler?  I’ve been amazed at how common it is for families in East Tennessee to have breathing difficulties, with one or more members diagnosed with asthma or another breathing problem. These are NOT necessarily households where anyone […]

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Could Kids Breathe Easier & Prosper with Cleaner Energy Plan?

Does your child suffer from asthma?  The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that air pollution can be a trigger, and that if you hear a poor air quality report, you should keep your child indoors. Don’t pediatricians also tell us our kids should be as active as possible and spend more time playing outdoors? It’s […]

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Tennesseans Concerned about Fracking, Oil/Gas Extraction Impacts on Health & Environment

Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, commonly known as fracking, continues to be a point of concern for residents across the United States, including in Tennessee.  This article about citizen concerns first ran September 16, 2013.  There has been an unusually high amount of interest in this article, so here is another look at it. Stickers […]

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Arkansas Citizens Still Monitoring for Clean Air and Water, Concerned about Fracking

Nearly a decade of controversial hydraulic fracturing in the Fayetteville Shale formation of rural Arkansas has enriched some, outraged others and raised numerous questions about safety and sustainability.  Citizens north of Little Rock are still monitoring their own air quality and eyeing water quality because of suspected long-term impacts of the oil and gas industry. […]

Continue Reading By on September 17, 2013 in clean air, fracking’s Bill McKibben Inspires Sustainability in America’s Secret City Co-Founder Bill McKibben Ever notice how the most skillful teachers never have to raise their voice to be heard by a classroom full of students? Instead, their technique can involve an attention-getting near-whisper.  Sitting in a hushed auditorium filled with people of all ages felt it must be like sitting in Bill McKibben’s Methodist […]

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Fevered: Why a Hotter Planet Will Hurt Our Health – and How We Can Save Ourselves (Book Review)

Lazy summer evenings in the backyard require more vigilance against mosquitoes.  A bite threatens to be more than itchy, with previously third-world maladies like West Nile virus and dengue hemorrhagic fever becoming real threats in the United States. More children carry inhalers as the air becomes polluted with higher levels of irritating natural allergens as […]

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Rediscovering Wilderness in the American Southeast

Bald River Falls, Tennessee A family from Illinois was posing for photos at Bald River Falls when our small group stopped our cars.  No wonder it’s one of the most photographed backdrops in Tennessee, with visitors from around the country.  Spectacular whitewater cascades then slows as it converges to the north with the Tellico River, […]

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Bucket Brigade Helps Arkansas Residents Test Air Near Fracking Sites

Local Air Bucket Brigade Organizer Arkansas Mother April Lane The strange, not-quite-sweet smell was in the air as my guides took me on a tour of public roads winding  through rural Arkansas.  At every stop, every time I stepped out of the car along the right-of-way, there it was.  With roads marked with signs like […]

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Join Team ENERGY STAR’s New EPIC Adventure!

Anyone out there not know what an inhaler is?  Does someone in your family use one or do you know of a young child who must tote one around for after-school activities?  It’s become commonplace, hasn’t it?  No matter what the original cause of the breathing challenge, it seems something in the air on certain […]

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Have You Tested Your Home for Radon?

Want to make sure your family is not exposed to the second leading cause of lung cancer?  You’ll want to consider testing your home for radon.  The US Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency advise testing for this naturally occurring substance that can seep into homes from underground. You may find a free or […]

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