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sunsphere in Knoville

Southeast’s Sunsphere, Shiny Train, Cleaner Energy Choices for TVA

Taking the elevator to the top of the Knoxville’s landmark Sunsphere was the highlight of a downtown summer field trip for my family.  The girls marveled during the short ride up that we’d be climbing so high, then they scouted for different Knoxville landmarks through the golden glass on the observation floor.  I pointed out […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Join the Play-In For Climate Action

We all want #CleanAir4Kids, don’t we?  We know children, the elderly and those with compromised health are more susceptible to breathing problems from air pollution.  We also know that even beautiful, picturesque places in the United States like Appalachia’s Great Smoky Mountains are still hot spots for high ozone levels — indicators of polluted air […]

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Earth Care Chat with Sierra Club & Eco Author

You don’t have to tell the parent of a child with asthma that when your child can’t breathe, nothing else matters.  They’ve been there. One in ten children in this country depends on a rescue inhaler because of an asthma diagnosis.  Others still, young and old, suffer a range of heart and lung diseases.  It […]

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Speaking Up with Moms Clean Air Force Tennessee

My MOMpartisan button from Moms Clean Air Force may very well be the hottest accessory of the season!  It’s an easy conversation starter to explain that children’s health and other clean air issues matter to all of us, since no matter what our other differences, we all breathe the same air. It was refreshing to […]

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Join Me for the Mama Summit in Nashville

If I traveled to a busy metropolitan area like New York, I would expect to breathe in more ozone pollution and be cautious about keeping an inhaler around for my youngest child.  But I’m surprised to see that even the beautiful Knoxville area gets a failing grade for high ozone days from the American Lung […]

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Deep & Diverse Faith Moves Many to New York for People’s Climate March

Want more thoughtful content like this?  Subscribe to Flour Sack Mama’s newsletter to stay in touch!  Deep & Diverse Faith Moves Climate Marchers to New York The prospect of catastrophic climate change is a distinctly moral issue for thousands of people of faith who are headed to New York City for the People’s Climate March. […]

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Play-In Today for Climate Action

Moms around the country understand that healthy kids and a healthy climate go together. So, many of us are gathered with our families in Washington, DC today for the Play-In for Climate Action.  The event hosted by Moms Clean Air Force is a powerfully fun way to have a meaningful play date and show our […]

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Tennessee Ponders Future Energy Mix

Memphis residents can have their say about the replacement of a coal-fired power plant with a natural gas plant in their area.  The Tennessee Valley Authority has opened a public comment period until August 4th.  Under corrective measures agreed to with the Environmental Protection Agency, TVA must either install emission controls or retire the Allen […]

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