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Could Kids Breathe Easier & Prosper with Cleaner Energy Plan?

Does your child suffer from asthma?  The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that air pollution can be a trigger, and that if you hear a poor air quality report, you should keep your child indoors. Don’t pediatricians also tell us our kids should be as active as possible and spend more time playing outdoors? It’s […]

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Director of Culinary Operations Miles McNath at St. Jude Garden

St. Jude Garden Offers Fresh, Organic Picks for Patients & Staff

A VIP tour is making its way through the campus of  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  Along with other points of interest at this world-class facility is an urban garden with dozens of brightly painted raised beds growing an assortment of herbs and vegetables.  The Director of Culinary Operations, Miles McMath, makes […]

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Why Can’t Kids Stay This Little?

Mommy confession time:  I’m more than a little intimidated about my girls growing up.  I prided myself in first steps, first swim lessons, first independent reading and church solos.  I sighed with relief at successful potty training and thanked God for reaching the point when I could work from my home office without worrying about […]

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Baking Bread with Kids

The kids and I have done a good bit of cooking and baking together through the years. I’m not sure many recipes have grabbed their attention like our latest bread making activity. We prepared a basic homemade bread, nothing extraordinary. But they wanted to be involved, asked questions, and anxiously awaited the chance to sample […]

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Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Community Grows Stronger into 2014

We do so much to live healthier lives:  we head outdoors, commit to fitness routines and choose wholesome foods.  We’re even becoming savvier shoppers.  We take personal responsibility for a healthier future.  But when it comes to consumer safety in the United States, we still can’t do it all alone. That’s why it made perfect […]

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Why this Mom’s Not Always So Cheerful for the Holidays

*This is a sponsored post full of fun information for your family that may include affiliate links, thanks to! “Mom, will you make me a tote bag?”  asked my oldest recently.  That was music to my ears, since I’d been guiltily delaying new Christmas sewing projects, while fabric fit for princess dresses lays folded in […]

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Kid-Friendly Snowflake Observation

*The following is sponsored by! Are you dreaming of a white, snowy Christmas?  My kids have been disappointed so far that they’ve had no snow days off school, and they’re still hoping for frozen changes in the backyard landscape. Once the snow comes, aside from the obvious fun outdoors, it offers an easy opportunity […]

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Mother Honors Baby’s Memory at Stroller Brigade

The unmatched strength of a mother’s love propelled one Michigan woman to Washington, DC recently for the national Stroller Brigade for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.  Jennifer Canvasser traveled along with two registered nurses who had cared for her newborn twin boys and their special needs. After overcoming infertility challenges, Canvasser and her husband, Noah are […]

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