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#CleanWater Twitter Party in support of #MizzouFrackingResearch

Maybe you’ve heard the expression “something’s in the water” mentioned in a lighthearted way.  We say it to explain a seemingly harmless but mysterious idea like why several of our friends are having baby showers all at once.  What if something in the water could seriously lead to fertility problems, birth defects and other health […]

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Nonprofits Offer Parenting Resources

Tennessee parents have a wealth of resources and information available via thoughtful nonprofit groups.  I recently had the chance to meet some of the staff and volunteers who were sharing these resources at Knoxville’s Natural Parenting Expo, and wanted to tell you about them.  They were my table neighbors when I hosted a table for […]

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Parents Find Support at Holistic Moms Network

Should I consider the same first foods for my baby that were served  20 years ago; what should I do differently? What alternatives do I have to harsh household cleaners?  How are other breastfeeding mothers balancing baby’s needs with their work schedules? Am I right to follow my instincts? Parenthood brings up countless questions, many […]

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Labor Day Rallies Empower Laboring Mothers

Women are discovering their power as consumers of health care who have more than one option for childbirth.  Supporters of evidence-based care gathered around the country on Labor Day, at various peaceful rallies like the one in front of a Knoxville, Tennessee hospital. Baby wearing and strollers were common, while older children helped parents with […]

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