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Moving Up to a Big Girl Bed for Safe, Healthy Sleep

*ad) Scroll down for entry form for Naturepedic giveaway below! “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”  My kids used to love reciting that rhyme over and over. They still love being silly and jumping on the bed.  I had to laugh when I came to the line in the 20-year limited warranty for Naturepedic […]

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#Fitness4Mom Feels & Looks Different for Us All

Thank goodness for the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center offering so many #Fitness4Mom options!  I’m hopeful that being part of this program can improve my quality of life.  If you’d like to improve yours too, give NFC a visit! I don’t have time to exercise. I can’t afford a gym membership. I’ll never look […]

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Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families offers FREE Resources at Knoxville Natural Parenting Expo

Becoming a parent for the first time? Getting involved as a grandparent? Confused about how to keep a non-toxic home for baby? The upcoming Knoxville Natural Parenting Expo is your one-stop event for everything you need to know! The popular nationwide coalition Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families is proud to support this growing Parenting Expo for […]

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BPA Study in Primates Reveals Danger to Unborn

BPA Study Reveals Danger to the Unborn Could a pregnant mother’s exposure to tiny amounts of hormone disrupting bisphenol A affect the future health of her unborn child?  A pioneer in BPA study says new research gets as close as ethically possible to testing the man-made substance on women, revealing danger to the unborn. Curators’ […]

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Hundreds Gather for Build Your Blog Conference in Utah Hosted by Six Sisters’ Stuff

*The following is a sponsored post for Stonyfield Organic. They may already be starlets of the blogging world and pitching their own sizzle reel to cable networks, but the real-life Adamson sisters took time during their recent conference to chat and take pictures with the rest of us aspiring bloggers.  Creators of the Six Sisters’ […]

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Mother Honors Baby’s Memory at Stroller Brigade

The unmatched strength of a mother’s love propelled one Michigan woman to Washington, DC recently for the national Stroller Brigade for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.  Jennifer Canvasser traveled along with two registered nurses who had cared for her newborn twin boys and their special needs. After overcoming infertility challenges, Canvasser and her husband, Noah are […]

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Spoof Site Calls for More Consumer Product Transparency

Who pulls the Material Safety Data Sheet on every product for your home, before you go shopping? Chances are, you’ll learn a bit more than you would by relying on the product label to reveal everything you’re about to expose your family to.  How about some “inhalation may cause central nervous system effects?”  That’s on […]

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Viewing Mountaintop Removal Mining Devastation in Appalachia

View of Mountaintop Removal Mining Site from Black Mountain Looking straight down into it, the scene reminded me of a childhood picture of hell based on something I’d heard in Sunday school class.  Something about a pit and desolation and being devoid of life. “As Christians, this is the opposite of stewardship. This is foolishness […]

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Young Lives Lost, At Risk in Mountaintop Removal Mining Communities

Powell Valley Memorial Gardens, Virginia When a boulder crushed 3-year-old Jeremy Davidson to death while he slept in his Appalachia, Virginia home, the community responded with outrage. Activists marched in the streets, loved ones demanded more responsible rules for modern mining, and everyone had the sense that things might get safer around this proud community […]

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Nonprofits Offer Parenting Resources

Tennessee parents have a wealth of resources and information available via thoughtful nonprofit groups.  I recently had the chance to meet some of the staff and volunteers who were sharing these resources at Knoxville’s Natural Parenting Expo, and wanted to tell you about them.  They were my table neighbors when I hosted a table for […]

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