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Visiting Eureka Springs with Kids

This is a sponsored post in cooperation with the Eureka Springs City Advertising & Promotion Commission & their affiliates in order to bring you more quality content! Picturesque rolling hills with romantic streets color the enclave of Northwest Arkansas called Eureka Springs.  Maybe you’ve visited, as I did years ago with my husband, when we […]

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Arkansas Residents Lose Struggle to Keep “Treated” Fracking Wastewater Out of Streams

Arkansas residents have lost their case to protect public waterways from legal dumping of “treated” fracking wastewater.  Earlier this year, an administrative law judge ruled in favor of Southeastern Energy Corporation or SEECO, owned by Southwestern Energy. SEECO sought its permits in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and now has permission to […]

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Permit Allows Treated Fracking Wastewater into Arkansas Streams

(This article originally ran on on May 9, 2013.  What was originally reported as a pending permit has been approved by Arkansas officials.) Remember making an enclosed terrarium as a schoolkid, learning that a little bit of moisture inside would keep recycling and sustaining life just like on earth?  This concept of water conservation […]

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Baby, We’re Concerned about Toxins Harming Your Brain

Baby, you know your mama loves you.  She quit smoking just for you.  She’s following all of her doctor’s advice and ate well during her pregnancy.  It’s not her fault that you were born with toxic chemicals in your cord blood.  It’s the new normal for babies.  Yes, your mama loves you no matter what. […]

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Clean Water Worries for Rural Arkansas Residents

Residents of the The Natural State are wondering how clean their waterways will be if the oil and gas industry has its way with a disputed water discharge permit.  An administrative law judge is anticipated to rule soon on citizen concerns about allowing treated wastewater, possibly from natural gas hydraulic fracturing or fracking operations, to […]

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Arkansas Mom Calls for Moral Response to Community Health Problems

Arkansas Mom April April Lane made sure to wear her Arkansas Razorbacks shirt on the day she was having her picture taken for a news article.  She’s proud of her Ozarks heritage, is president of the Environmental Alliance at the University of Central Arkansas where she attends, and wants to raise a healthy family […]

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Arkansas Fracking Jobs and Human Costs

Northcentral Arkansas Jobs.  Good jobs.  Average salaries over $74,000. Sounds like a good thing for Arkansas, according to many looking for economic stability.  A consortium of oil and natural gas producers proudly announces on its website that the industry employs more than 20,000 workers throughout the state.  Southwestern Energy alone says it employs more than […]

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Bucket Brigade Helps Arkansas Residents Test Air Near Fracking Sites

Local Air Bucket Brigade Organizer Arkansas Mother April Lane The strange, not-quite-sweet smell was in the air as my guides took me on a tour of public roads winding  through rural Arkansas.  At every stop, every time I stepped out of the car along the right-of-way, there it was.  With roads marked with signs like […]

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Arkansas Community Watchdogs Concerned After Massive Oil Spill

Conservative estimates show around 5,000 barrels of crude oil spilled March 29 from Exxon’s ruptured pipeline running through the small town of Mayflower, Arkansas.  That’s about three barrels of oil for every person who lives in Faulkner County, just north of Little Rock.  Independent estimates are double that amount.  Residents spent a recent town hall […]

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