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Museum of Appalachia, a Smithsonian Affiliate

Museum of Appalachia Invites Families to Explore Year-Around

The spectacularly blue October sky stretched high above the green fields and weather-worn barns where people had gathered to celebrate the season.  Music sounded from the stage hung with a red, white and blue flag, as well as from a cantilever barn turned into another stage.  My daughters sought out ice cream and apple cider […]

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Antique Garden Soil Sifters

Making sifters had been on our to-do list for some time.  When I needed to sift dirt from my compost pile last spring I resorted to repurposing a barbecue implement that was close enough (and shall never again go on the grill). My husband brought home these from his grandfather’s basement this winter, and these antique […]

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More Treadle-Stitching Homemade Christmas Ornaments

My in-laws will soon receive a handmade set of fabric Christmas ornaments stitched on the Singer Redeye 66 treadle sewing machine.  Once the treadle got into working order and I learned to wind a bobbin, I was ready to sew.  My first ornament was a heart-shaped one decorated with a vintage doll print. Inspiration for […]

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Box of Layette Memories

The box came tied with twine, decorated with cheery painted sunflowers.  My Aunt Ruby knew how much I would appreciate the little treasures she sent.  It was a box full of layette memories. A faded red-orange floral design had been stitched with row after row of thread to create a bonnet.  White shell buttons fastened the main […]

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Flour Sack Fabrics

Display at Englewood Textile Museum One of the vignettes at the Textile Museum in Englewood, Tennessee includes this quote, “I washed five feed sacks and made me a bedspread.”  The museum offers gorgeous examples of homemade quilts, coverlets and clothing. Particularly during the Great Depression, resourceful folks could make whatever they needed from simple means stitched […]

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Meet the Treadle Lady

Donna Kohler Photo courtesy: Fresno, California is home to the Treadle Lady, also known as Donna Kohler.  She and her husband share their home with a variety of antique sewing machines, including some rare ones they’ve adopted.  Kolher shares how her dear grandmother taught her to treadle in the 1950s, spending one entire summer with her […]

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Steel, Oil and Antique Treadle Restoration

Steel, oil and antique treadle restoration… I most certainly am not a car person.  Yet I feel a kindred spirit now with vintage car junkies.  You know, the ones who will spend hours every weekend rebuilding their dream car from 19-something — whatever that nostalgic year was for them?  Maybe someday the vehicle will actually […]

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