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West Tennessee Museum Promotes Delta Heritage

Freshwater fish, cotton and a bit of music history greet you at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center.  You have to exit Interstate 40 and stay a while in tiny Brownsville, Tennessee to appreciate what this place has to offer.  The brightly lit, clean facility hosts what it calls three separate museums, each highlighting a […]

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Why Eat Local Food?

Organically Grown, Hydroponic Lettuce Food you find at the store might have an appealing label.  But the Slow Food Farm Relations Chair for the greater Orlando area says you might want to look beyond that label.  Richard Kann, a respected organic farmer himself, says while organic standards are good, and he follows them, loopholes allow […]

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Why We Need Bees for Agriculture

If you’ve eaten a lettuce salad, some fruit or even nuts today, chances are you have a bee to thank.  Even if you don’t eat honey, that delectable byproduct of the bee’s busy work, you wouldn’t be dining well at all without the tiny creature.  Agriculture experts know protecting honeybees is integral to our food system. Virginia & Carl […]

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Disney-Inspired Gardening

Gardening inspiration blooms every spring during Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival. It greets visitors with friendly topiaries and spreads vibrant color around every corner of the park. This May, I had the treat of talking with Horticulture Manager Eric Darden about how he uses plants as both backdrops and focal points. It’s one of those […]

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Organic Herb Greenhouse

I can only imagine what splendid dishes the Denman family cooks up.  When I planned a visit to their greenhouse, I knew that matriarch Georgia Denman and her daughter, Caitrin Bayard, were experts at organic gardening.  What I couldn’t comprehend until my visit was their depth of knowledge and passion for culinary plants. I was […]

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Meet Midwestern Family Farmers with Fresh Foodie Perspectives

On a late November day in rural Oklahoma, I arrived at the Downing Family Farm just as the husband and wife team of Wes and Kathy Downing were finished haying their cows. The afternoon sun was warming large pastures with nearly dormant Bermuda grass. While many of the black Angus were spread throughout the acreage, […]

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