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Beauty, plus safety!  Isn’t that what everyone wants?  No one wants to compromise health to look and feel beautiful.  Now, we don’t have to.

Here at the Flour Sack Mama blog, my mission is to bring you information and encouragement you can use, as we carry on the best of Grandma’s traditions while improving on what we know better.  You probably noticed that I accept very little in the way of advertising, preferring to work with only a few brands that fit the values of this blog.

I carefully c20150113_AffiliateBanners_Generic_300x600-5hose and shared my story with you when I agreed to become a Beautycounter consultant, in order to help support my continuing efforts at independent journalism and consumer advocacy.  I joined with other Beautycounter consultants who’ve been calling for safer policies about what goes into US beauty products.

When you choose beautiful products via my Beautycounter link, I hope you enjoy the peace of mind in knowing exactly what’s in your skincare products and that ingredients were selected for safety.  I sincerely appreciate your support that can enable me to continue doing the work I feel called to do online.

xoxoxo – Anne