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Growing up with National Fitness Center

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This post is in cooperation with the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center.

Free childcare has meant my girls have literally been growing up at National Fitness Center.  Before they could be active in programs, they could stay with watchful, caring adults while I got the time I needed to clear my head and move my body.

Kids in Motion classes for kids introduced them to everything from beginning ballet to basketball and more.  It gave them the chance for structure and motivation in a fitness setting, while I was working out at my own pace.

Both girls benefited from swim lessons at the NFC pools  They learned basic safety and strokes in group lessons.  They really honed their water skills with private lessons in the same pool.  Then they both experienced a competitive setting as members of the NFC Sharks swim team.

Family times at NFC have included swimming in the pools, playing on the waterslides, and shooting hoops together on the basketball courts.  The girls have especially loved the challenge of climbing the rock wall at the West Signature Club. Special times of the year meant visits for things like Trick-or-Treating and a free, kid-friendly miniature haunted house.

The extra training of Spartan Speed School at the Signature Club gave a competitive kid the extra boost she needed when focusing on track and field.

When my oldest turned 12, it was her chance to finally experience all of NFC’s fitness venues alongside me, with a full junior membership.  She learned about etiquette on the indoor track, safe use of weights, and group fitness classes.

The gift of fitness has been one of the best thing these kids could ever share with me.  I hope your family also finds ways to focus on fitness together all year long.

This post is in cooperation with the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center.

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