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Dad’s Rugged Determination

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He doesn’t hop on and off the John Deere the way he used to.  Doesn’t even try getting behind the wheel of the GMC pickup.  Yet, the highlight of each day is surveying the Brock family farm and its inhabitants from the truck.

He has to be outdoors.  Has to be in charge.  It’s who he is.

The Air Force pilot, the rocket engineer, the hog and cattle farmer.  The savvy land manager.  The family man always rough around the edges.

He smiles when the grandkids visit the farm he and Ruth Ann made their home in 1958.  He hugs and kisses each one.

He sat for family pictures in his familiar blue truck.  He’s pleased to know we always, always visit our favorite creek to take a swim or a wade.

His rugged determination keeps him going, years after mom’s passing.  Always some livestock to check on.  Always the chance to spot a quail or an eagle in the fields where he’s most at home.

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