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Special Needs Kids Thriving in Loving Homes

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Life is hard enough for kids born into this world who are completely healthy and have an instant loving home.  Not always the way it works for little ones.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to cover stories at WVLT about kids with special needs, in need of caring parents who can provide the attention they deserve.  These kids don’t need anyone’s pity.  The ones I’ve met are making their new parents proud.  They are amazing!

His mom, his dad, his church-based mentor, and everyone else who meets Eli gets the impression that God has special plans for him.  I caught up with his dad and his mentor recently for this story.  Later, Eli dropped by the tv station for a tour, ready for business with his suit and briefcase.

I met sweet Phoebe because her mother is another blogger based here in East Tennessee.  Her parents already had a large family, and they felt the call to add her to it.  Through love and careful attention to her medical needs, this little girl is thriving. See Phoebe’s story here.  Learn more about large families and adoption at her mother’s blog, called Blessed Simplicity.

What a journey for young Makady!  A member of the local Lion’s Club brought her story to my attention, and I could not turn away.  She had a rare eye condition that jeopardized her eyesight, and she needed a surgery not even performed in the United States. I was privileged to meet her family, visit her school, and see what it took for Makady to get the help she needed on a visit to Canada for surgery.  It’s an inspiring story series called Saving Makady’s Sight.

Do you have a story idea that you think should be featured about good things happening in East Tennessee?  You can connect with me about this local/regional coverage at Anne Brock WVLT on Facebook.


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