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Meet These Real Superhero Friends

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Meet my newest superhero friends!  They are living the fitness ideal – and they each have their own way of encouraging the rest of us to be our best superhero selves.  If that sounds incredibly cheesy, it’s because it is.  Yet, I’ll take a cheesy, superhero-idealized bit of motivation over he drudgery of a checklist of workout to-do’s, won’t you?

Aleisha Watkins adores her two dogs named Dexter and Leo.  She has her certification as a phlebotomist.  Plus, she previously worked for National Fitness Center as a swim instructor and lifeguard as well as in childcare.  She loves fitness because it is a goal-oriented hobby.  You can follow her on social media via Facebook and Instagram.  Oh, and did I mention the little detail that Aleisha is in the 2018 Hooters calendar?  So, if she’s working out and I’m still struggling to get a swimsuit-season body, you bet I’m gonna try doing whatever she’s doing at the gym!  She’ll be sharing glimpses of her fitness life at NFC on her social media platforms, including Snapchat.

I never realized what the term power couple meant until I met these two:  Fitness model Chase Ketron is back for a second time as an NFC ambassador, after returning to the East Tennessee area.  Now, we have the bonus inspiration of his best friend Madyson Foy – who is a fitness model in her own right.  More than pretty faces, these two are powerhouses of energy with fitness tips to share, and they’re both savvy business people.  They each have more than 100,000 Instagram followers, and you can catch up with them on multiple platforms like Facebook and much more.  Ladies, if your man needs some motivation to get off the couch and back to the gym, maybe you need to show him a snapshot of what Chase can do – just sayin.’  Or check out Madyson’s inspiration for other women to get more comfortable using weights and working out in creative ways.

These are the newest #teamNFC ambassadors who will be sharing with you this year about the best National Fitness Center has to offer.  I’ll be following their adventures just like you can, and seeing if I can try some of their workout ideas that might help me get more toned and defined.

This is a sponsored post for NFC because even without a superhero body, I’m blessed to be a member of the #teamNFC program.

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