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Holiday Time in East Tennessee

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Christmas traditions and the holiday season come wrapped in brightly colored paper, glowing lights and the smell of peppermint.  At least that’s the way we try to remember them, don’t we?  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite holiday season stories from WVLT.

You’ve heard of long-established charities that help families in need around the holidays.  In some cases, families down on their luck don’t qualify for help.  They could fall into the category of working poor, include a newly single parent or have children who’ve been sick.  One man in Oak Ridge decided to do something to ensure that all the kids in his community have gifts for Christmas.

Some places you drive by for years and simply take for granted as part of your local community.  For instance, that giant ice cream cone on Chapman Highway in South Knoxville.  They tried to wait until after Christmas to tell employees they’d be closing the last local eatery of its kind there.

The firsts are never the same after a divorce, a death or any loss that cuts so deeply you couldn’t even imagine wanting to celebrate.  Yet, here comes Christmas, still December 25 on the calendar.  A place long known for helping build strong marriages and provide a luxury getaway decided to open its doors on days when it’s typically been closed.  The mission: to heal hearts during the holidays.

While I have loved sharing stories here on the blog for years as a stay-at-home mom, I’m also blessed now to be back in a traditional newsroom in East Tennessee.  Please follow me and share your Knoxville-area story ideas on Anne Brock WVLT on Facebook.


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