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Zumbathon for Young-Williams Animal Center

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My kids have been growing up through every season with Rogy, who wouldn’t be with us if not for Young-Williams Animal Center.


And our family would not be complete now without Molli.  Both dogs are rescues from Young-Williams.  I can’t imagine what home would like without them.  Now the center that helps hundreds and hundreds of unwanted pets find homes each year needs your help.


For just a $10 donation and a food item for Young-Williams, you can come support efforts to care for the animals, and have a blast burning off steam at the third annual Zumbathon!  This is an event for members and nonmembers alike at the National Fitness Center Signature Club in West Knoxville.  The event runs from 6:00 to 7:30 on Friday, July 21.  Hope you see you there!


This post is in conjunction with the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center.

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