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Exploring Zoo Knoxville’s Animal Conservation Efforts

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This post is in cooperation with Stonyfield, in support of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums.

Red paper lanterns lead the way to the Temple of the Tiger. A sign indicates the Gibbon Trails at Asian Trek will be complete by 2018.  Zoo Knoxville has also announced a new home in the works for its reptiles.  When our family visited Zoo Knoxville in spring 2017, it was evident the home for endangered animals is always working on something new.


Zoo Knoxville takes part in a broader program called the Species Survival Plan with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums.  The kids always want to see the baby gorillas up close.  This sweet display is more than meets the eye.  This zoo and others are working hard to help save Western Lowland Gorillas from extinction.  Conservation efforts include professionals connecting to study animals in the wild and much more.


On World Penguin Day, we visited some of our favorites at Zoo Knoxville and told you how Stonyfield is helping save South African Penguins and more through the AZA.  However, these well-dress representatives of the animal world are hardly the only creatures that need help these days.


The less-photographed Chacoan Peccaries, with their distant relation to hogs, also need habitat to survive on the planet.


Furry African Lions, with their cravings for meat snacks, are also also considered vulnerable among wildlife conservationists.  The zoo is full of educational opportunities for kids, from identifying animals to digging deeper into animal characteristics and even species survival.  But here are other details that make this zoo fun for the wild creatures in my family:

Room to roam: they can decide which winding pathways to explore, even run through, to stay active.

Playground areas: since they were very young, my children have enjoyed digging in the sandboxes, climbing rope challenges and more.

Splashpad: when you start visiting animals in the morning, then take a mid-day or afternoon break to cool off at the splashpad, it makes for a full summer day.

I don’t want your family to miss out on the chance to get a FREE kid’s zoo ticket via Stonyfield when you make a qualifying purchase.  See here for details.

I am proud to share this offer with you as a #StonyfieldBlogger.  Thanks to Stonyfield and Zoo Knoxville.



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