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Chattanooga’s Creative Discovery Museum

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My children had been much younger when I first took them to visit the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga.  This spring break, my oldest remembered it as a place she wanted to visit again.  They both remembered the water play area visible from outside, with the expansive climbing maze above it.

Creative Discovery Museum outside

On this visit, the kids scaled every inch of this museum that’s located at Chestnut and 4th Streets.  This included the tower and the rooftop play area, too, with its simple machines that you can push, pull and ride on.

Creative Discovery Rooftop

The museum offers a wide enough range of choices that children can have a fulfilling sense of exploring at their own pace.  It includes a designated area for preschoolers, yet holds the interest of older children.

Creative Discovery Center

Upon entering, visitors can choose from toys that teach science, materials that make art, even digging for dinosaur bones.

Dino Dig

The distinctive temporary exhibit at the museum this spring was the giant-sized chess display.  While this offered fun photo opportunities and taught the basics of chess moves, it did not offer a complete set with which to play a game. In order to do that, you had to sit at one of several conventional chess sets.

Chess Pieces

Overall, our family thought the museum was worth the trip.  We were fascinated to spot several other destinations we’d like to try the next time we visit downtown Chattanooga.  The kids are particularly interested in the Tennessee Aquarium.  They also noticed an indoor climbing spot plus the waterfront with its riverboat.

This seems to be a popular museum with tourists and locals, alike, and stays fairly busy.  The downside of the this was the wear and tear we saw in some areas.  The tower we scaled to get that fun city view looked like it could use a new coat of paint.  We also found dried ink pads in an art center and a few other art supplies that looked like they had seen too many uses already.  Plus, the novelty backpack I bought my daughter at the gift shop immediately got a rip in it, which I had to sew.

Despite the need for a little sprucing up, the Creative Discovery Museum still met the most important test with my kids: it kept them busy for several hours!

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