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Can a Cow Save a Penguin? Question on World Penguin Day

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This post is in cooperation with Stonyfield, where I am proud to be a #StonyfieldBlogger!

Can a cow save a penguin? I asked my youngest to #ImagineHow when we visited Zoo Knoxville recently.  Since they were tiny, I’ve brought my kids to visit the penguins at our local zoo, where they wait to see them eat their fish at feeding time.  Here, we can get up close to endangered South African penguins that like warm weather. The zoo exhibit tells us that all 18 species of penguins live in the southern half of the globe (no penguins at the North Pole) and that only three of those remain in Antarctica all year around.


Everyone is getting an up-close look on World Penguin Day of endangered penguins at Mystic Aquarium! Penguins are in danger of becoming extinct, and are featured animals in the Saving Animals from Extinction program of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

I am proud to know that Stonyfield has begun a year-long effort to support the AZA SAFE program, which includes supporting scientific field work to save endangered species and giving more kids the opportunity to see animals like penguins up close. Now through September on specially marked packages, Stonyfield is offering families the chance to get a free children’s admission ticket when an adult brings them to a local zoo or aquarium, with the purchase of two packages. Stonyfield’s Andy Sundberg says, “Our hope is by giving families and kids these experiences, we’re building life-long conservationists and love for animals like these.”


Of course, Stonyfield already supports our ecosystem by the way it does business every day.  Each year, the company keeps more than 185,000 pounds of toxic pesticides out of the environment. Those family Stonyfield cows produce the main ingredient for what many consider to be the world’s best organic yogurt that tastes great and is conscientious about delivering top quality.

free zoo tickets

Stonyfield’s conservation efforts are going to help with 10 endangered species.  Zoo Knoxville is actively involved in the AZA program by featuring animals that are endangered.  So, in May on the blog, we’ll show you more of our zoo visit when we discovered these animals that need extra care for their very survival.

This post is in cooperation with Stonyfield, where I am proud to be a #StonyfieldBlogger!


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