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Fitness Center Manners

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This post is in cooperation with the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center, as part of the #teamNFC program.

Just like everywhere else you like to frequent, a fitness center is a community.  Some rules of conduct are written, while many are unwritten.  Here are a few reminders about etiquette.


1) Observe the written rules.  At the pool, beside the hot tub, and outside certain fitness areas there are already written rules.  Most of these are for safety, such as minimum age requirements for children to use the hot tub.  Please respect these and do your part to keep safety first.

2) Re-rack your weights.  This is elementary school level manners.  Simple put things back where you got them, and everyone who needs the 10 pound dumbbells and 30 pound kettle bells will be happy.

3) Bring a sweat towel and clean up after yourself.  Use the stations that include spray cleaner and paper towels.  If you sweat on it, please tidy up for the next person who will be using that machine.

4) Dry off so you don’t drip after swimming.  Before you leave the pool area, please make sure you aren’t going to create a slick and dangerous situation in the dressing rooms or elsewhere.

5) Show up early or at least on time for class.  Group fitness classes can fill up quickly at class time.  The sooner and more orderly you can get in spot for class, the better for everyone.

6) Respect everyone’s space and time.  Some people might love socializing with you.  Many are on a strict schedule and are focused on getting in a certain workout before they head into the office or out to dinner.  Once you are finished using a certain machine, it’s not yours to lounge on.  Someone else might be waiting for a turn.  A little consideration and elbow room goes a long way.

This post is in cooperation with the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center, as part of the #teamNFC program.


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