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Setting Your Own Pace

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I’m proud to take part in the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center.

How fast do you run your mile?  Hint: if you’re going for any sort of world record, that would have to be well under four minutes for one mile.  Under four minutes.  Incredible, isn’t it?

On the other end of the spectrum, millions of people enjoy runs and walks, even semi-competitive ones raising money for great causes, that don’t come anywhere close to that.  The 5K or 3.10 mile event, is hugely popular with people who aren’t necessarily clocking anywhere close to a four-minute mile.  Many simple take their strides to support a cause, get in their miles for fitness, or for the pure enjoyment of it.

Same concept at your gym or fitness center.  Some dedicated athletes will lift weights and set a pace that puts them in a competitive zone.  It doesn’t negate the fact that a more moderate rate of intensity could still help the rest of us get closer to meeting our fitness goals.


Climbing that rock wall at National Fitness Center’s Signature Club in West Knoxville, I still can’t outpace my 8-year-old.  It seems kids are just made to climb, and it’s a great workout for them. I may be slower than her, but my arms and core need that challenge.

I’ve been missing the regularity of one of my favorite NFC classes called Body Pump.  Great thing about it is, the instructor says it’s okay to try out just half the class at first, even if you aren’t ready to complete the entire thing.  Much as I hate to swallow my pride, I may be doing half the class or lifting less weight than usual when I revisit Body Pump this winter.  Best thing about trying or even revisiting a class is the encouragement from everyone else there.

One of the most forgiving and gentle classes I know of is yoga, because it allows for participation anywhere on the spectrum, from beginner to serious athlete.  This class has been a real blessing, whether to complement another workout or as a way to stay active in some way.  I am a big fan of all the NFC yoga instructors.


As we approach the holiday season, and we have to resist the urge to spend more time on the couch versus being active, here’s to keeping whatever pace works for you.

This post is in cooperation with National Fitness Center.

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