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Guest Post: What Can Tennessee Moms Do Right Now?

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Guest post by Lindsay Pace of Moms Clean Air Force:

Dear Amazing Mamas,

I’m hearing from so many people who are wondering what they can do–and worrying that we are going to have a president who wants to get rid of all our clean air protections.


Lindsay Pace visiting Nashville with her family

Here’s what you can do right now: Get in touch with your elected officials. (Find them here.) Your governor. Your senators. Your representatives. Some are newly elected, and will take office in the coming weeks. Others weren’t up for election, and are in the middle of their terms. No matter: Write them, using pen and paper. Or call them, and talk to their phone staff. Better yet, go see them face to face. Tell them you are a person who cares about clean air and a safe climate. That you are really proud of what America has achieved with the Clean Air Act–which was a Republican law, signed by Nixon, and made even stronger by George Bush. Tell your political representatives that you do not want America to go backwards. That you don’t want to sacrifice the health of our families to corporate polluter greed.

Let me know if you would like me to accompany you to your meeting. I can help you with the logistics, too. And I will make sure you feel confident and comfortable sharing your view. Your lawmakers, after all, work for you.

Soon, your Senators will be voting on confirmation of a new EPA Chief. We want a person who is up to date on science and public health, who will bring pollution down, not up, who has no conflicts of interest by being paid by the oil and gas lobby.

Moms Clean Air Force will keep you up to date on what we have to do to protect our clean air and stabilize our climate.

But in the next several weeks–before inauguration–you have an important job to do. Be a committed Clean Air Mom. Introduce yourself. Tell your elected officials that you care about clean air and children’s health. And tell Washington: Listen to your mothers.

With Gratitude,

Lindsay Pace

Tennessee Field Manger
Moms Clean Air Force

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