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Fitness Inspiration In The Water

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This post is in cooperation with the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center.

We all want to get or stay fit, feel strong and be happier, don’t we?  Swimming or any exercise in the water offers countless benefits like this. The Centers for Disease Control reports that aquatics can improve your physical as well as mental health.

mother and daughter in pool

If you are past menopause, the CDC also says aquatics can be a low-impact way to help maintain bone density for good skeletal health.

How do you enjoy the water?  Outdoors with a dose of Vitamin D from sunshine can feel great in the warmer months.  However, indoor pools allow us to continue water exercise every month of the year.

I’ve found it motivating to move to the beat in Aqua Zumba and other aquatics classes.  Some people returned to the water for fitness, with their doctors’ permission, even after major surgeries such as hip replacement or knee repair.  It provided the perfect, low-impact setting for them to start moving again.

Warm therapy pools and hot tubs can be extra soothing for any of us, whether we need to relax from an intense workout or just from workday stress.

UT Swim Meet Coach Josh

Aquatics for kids can lay a sound foundation for a lifetime of fitness in the water. I am grateful for instructors at National Fitness Center who have helped my children through the years with group lessons, private swim lessons, and the Sharks Swim Team.  For those of us not as adept at swimming as those younger Sharks, NFC offers adult swim lessons, as well.

The CDC says just two and half hours per week of something like swimming could improve our chances of staying healthy and avoiding chronic illness.

NFC offers a free three-day pass to try out the heated indoor pools at one of their many East Tennessee fitness centers.

Knox Beach Waterfall

NFC’s Signature Club offers another aquatics option year-around in West Knoxville.  This is my kids’ favorite.  It’s an indoor water-park style pool complete with two waterslides and an endless fountain.  This has been a #FamilyFitnessFun favorite for our family to spend time together doing something active.

If you check out one of the National Fitness Center locations, please tell them Anne at the Flour Sack Mama blog sent you.

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