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Falling Into Better Habits

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This post is in cooperation with National Fitness Center, where I take part in the #teamNFC program!

I have a confession to share. I’ve been craving chips as I write this article.  I know, frustrating as it is to admit, I’ve been in comfort food mode for a while now.  At the same time, my schedule has become more complicated to the point of missing some of my favorite classes at National Fitness Center.  Especially Real Ryder cycling and Body Pump. What a slippery slope to get into some bad habits.


I’ve been looking into this concept of forming habits.  Did you know that myth that it takes 21 days to form a new habit is not necessarily true? Researchers have found it can take even longer than that for us to build better habits.  As for the food-related habits, the Centers for Disease Control offers some tips on building better ones. The CDC tells us it’s not enough to stop eating a certain way, but we have to replace an unhealthy habit with a healthy one.  If I want to eat fewer sugary or salty foods, I need to have healthy alternatives available.

I love how NFC offers a FREE 3-day pass so you don’t have to feel guilty about sitting on the couch this fall — you can get out and try something different!  For me, I have no excuse to sulk about missing my favorite class.  I need to find alternative class times or challenge myself with other fitness ideas either alone or with a friend at NFC.

NFC after Body Pump

If 21 days go by, and I still don’t have this fitness thing down perfectly, I’m not giving up, either.  Fitness is a journey, and sometimes it includes some pitfalls.  I admire people overcoming injuries to get back into a fitness routine, new moms picking up the pace again, and people brave enough to begin a weight-loss journey, no matter how long that journey may take.

How will you challenge yourself to build better habits this fall and winter?

This post is in cooperation with National Fitness Center, where I take part in the #teamNFC program!


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