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Setting The Tone for a Happy Home

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This post is in cooperation with Uncommon Goods.

Why do you feel at home where you do?  Is it the impressive architecture? The exact square footage? The color you chose to paint the walls?

Green Lemon Tree

Chances are, there’s something about how you feel personally in your residential space that makes it home for you.  This is not dependent upon size or anything that might impress someone else during an open house.

For me and my family, it’s about the harmony of a happy home where everyone feels welcomed, yet everyone has some personal space to themselves.  It starts at the front door and inside the living room. It can be as basic as hardwood floors that feel smooth against bare feet. It extends to those outdoor rooms we can create from areas as simple as patios and decks.

Quilt Piano

Because I can’t imagine life without music, my baby grand piano commands the center of the living room space, inviting anyone who cares to touch its keys.  While my children haven’t followed in my interest of everything from old hymns to classical music and more, they’re intrigued enough to play some songs by ear for now, just for fun.  Still seems like a happy sound to me. Just beyond the piano hangs a beautiful reminder of the timelessness of things like the tree of life, hand stitched into a quilt some 100 years ago by my great grandmother, Maude.

Door Harp

When I had the opportunity to add a handmade door harp and a feng shui windchime to our home, they seemed like welcomed ways to add a relaxing tone.  The door harp vibrates with delicate tones of wood bouncing against steel wires, moving slightly every time we open and close the front door. Its luxury is in the simplicity of the inlaid wood background handcrafted by US woodworker Bob Murphy. His design displays a beautiful mountain view that could be the Appalachians, yet the instrument has Scandinavian roots. The harp comes with a tiny tuning wrench that can adjust each piano pin to the desired tone. I have not yet mastered the tuning, and the kids will have to be careful as they take turns with it, because the harp is delicate. It adds value for me knowing that an artisan created this masterpiece of woodworking by hand.  I also appreciate that as a B Corporation, Uncommon Goods is mindful about the sourcing for all of its products.

Windchime backdoor

The feng shui windchimes fit perfectly on the back deck, where a slight breeze can create a treble clef dance of jade against metal. I don’t claim to know much about the energy work of feng shui. Yet, I appreciate the reference to wind and water.  A soothing windchime seems like the ideal way to complement the natural backyard sounds of chirping birds and cicadas. I enjoyed choosing these windchimes for myself, but I could also see them as a housewarming gift.  I realize some folks want to be even more formal with times like weddings and anniversaries, but it seems gifts like the windchimes can be timeless and fit into any style of home.

Setting the tone for a happy home begins with inviting, shared family spaces where we can also make guests feel welcomed. It includes spaces we can call our own, where we take time to relax, reflect and enjoy the simple things. It can include whatever combination we desire of modern conveniences and timeless decor.

I choose to let conveniences like technology stay tucked away from the more visually harmonious classics like greenery, grandma’s quilts and acoustic music.  I’d love to hear how you set the tone in your home.

This post is in cooperation with Uncommon Goods with gifts for my own home provided by them. All opinions are my own.


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