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School Time Savers

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This post is in cooperation with Stonyfield, as part of the #StonyfieldBlogger program!

All families are looking to save time during busy school days, aren’t we?  One of our goals with young children is to start and finish homework as soon as possible in the afternoon.  So, I’ve always carried some form of school supply kit in my vehicle, to help make this happen.  Something as simple as a basket with lined paper, a clipboard, pencils, markers, a ruler, scissors and glue facilitates working on homework assignments between school pickup and evening activities.

Other school time savers have included closet organizers to have school clothes ready for each day of the week. Then there’s the simple concept of having everything ready to go in school backpacks the night before the next school day.


I’m always looking for morning time savers, as well, when packing lunches and snacks. A few things that help at our house are:

  • Prep vegetable sticks like carrots, celery and sweet peppers the night before
  • Have reusable containers available
  • Include some wholesome prepackaged foods
  • Keep kid-friendly snacks all in one kitchen area
  • Let older kids choose what they’ll eat

We’ve recently saved a step with the new PACKiT lunch bag that freezes with the cold packs built in, so there’s no more fetching those ice packs separately.

The kids like the zippered outer pouch as an option for extra snacks.


When it comes to choosing healthy lunch foods, my kids do better with more wholesome choices in the kitchen.  This includes some prepackaged foods like Stonyfield Squeezers in flavors like Berry, and the new flavor selections of nut butters by Justins with options like honey, maple and chocolate. Whether they try the Justins alone, as a dip for fruit or veggies, or as a topping for crackers or bread, can be up to them.


As the kids’ appetites grow along with them, they also seem to need more flexible options for what can be a lunch food, a morning snack or an afternoon treat.  They like taking on more responsibility these days for these.  As a mom, I can feel better about giving them an array of healthy choices, whether those are whole foods or the more wholesome versions of conveniently packaged foods like I can find in Stonyfield’s organic products.

How are you saving time on school days?

Thanks to Stonyfield for making possible via the #StonyfieldBlogger program product samples like Justins and PACKiT.

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