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My Frugal Run for the Roses

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My Frugal Run for the Roses

This post is in cooperation with Kroger. My opinions are always my own.

My children’s recitals and concerts through the years have often inspired a run for the roses, as I sought special ways to recognize their hard work in gymnastics, choir or dance.

rose arrangements

Always on a tight budget, I learned to bypass the custom floral arrangements and save money by creating my own. This often started with saving bits of ribbon for enhancing a bouquet of flowers.  Later at home, we would reuse a vase or jar stored in the pantry.

Roses Supplies

In a rush, and forgetting my own ribbon, I’ve also asked the florists at Kroger to repackage a dozen flowers into two bouquets.  They’ve added complimentary paper and curling ribbon or only charged a nominal fee for adding filler greenery.

white miniature roses

I noticed another time and money saver recently, when I found packaged greenery ranging from baby’s breath to asparagus fern.  This creates an instantly professional looking bouquet by combining the filler greenery with my choice of roses.

pastel roses

When I make a quick run for flowers to reward my girls, or as an occasional hostess gift, it also feels good to know I can find roses that are sustainably grown and carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal at my local Kroger store. The Rainforest Alliance requires growers to follow responsible land-use practices with conservation and biodiversity in mind.

Roses for special occasions can be as tranquil as a sea of miniature cream-colored buds just barely opened, as colorful as a palette of pink and lavender petals, or as stunning as the deep red roses you might see on the garland at the Kentucky Derby. They can be as practical as a compact rose bush that the recipient can plant later in the garden.

red roses

I learned recently that the Journey of the Roses for the time-honored tradition of the Kentucky Derby’s winning garland begins on a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm in Colombia.  An important stop along the way is the place where Kroger designers in Louisville, Kentucky craft some 38 dozen red roses into that picture-perfect garland you see each May.  They’ve been doing this for three decades of the Run for the Roses.

As much as I love frugally crafting a simple bouquet for someone using creative fillers and containers, the garland reminds me of the simple elegance of that sea of red roses. No wonder red roses are such a timeless symbol.  They’re still the no-brainer choice for any man looking to impress a woman. And they’re a great choice for brightening up your own personal space.

A local run for the roses is always possible now that the country’s largest florist can deliver Rainforest Alliance Certified blooms year-around to my neighborhood.

This post is in cooperation with Kroger. My opinions are always my own.

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