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Fitness Time For Me

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This post is in cooperation with National Fitness Center, where I am proud to take part in the #teamNFC program!

You can’t help but smile when you see Ronnie.  He’s the gentleman at the front desk who always, always, smiles and has a kind, encouraging word to say to you when you visit National Fitness Center.

ronnie nfc

When I posted about him recently on my Facebook page, several other women chimed in too to say how much they appreciate Ronnie. We don’t just adore Ronnie because he’s the friendliest front desk person in East Tennessee, but because of how he makes us feel about ourselves.  If I might feel otherwise down about my day, tired from getting up so early to work out, or even guilty about taking time for my own fitness when I could be cleaning house, Ronnie helps me refocus on me.  Yes, me.

me and machine

I realize we have far too much narcissism in our society right now, and it’s easy to become self-centered.  When I mention time for me, I’m not talking about an unhealthy focus on self to the exclusion of others.  I’m talking about a healthy dose of confidence and self-care, simply taking time for our own fitness.

A friendly face and encouraging word at the gym goes a long way toward supporting that healthy, fitness-focused part of the day that we all need.  It helps me feel good about finding time to lift weights, walk around the indoor track or join a class, even if for a small fraction of the day.  It even gives me a boost of exercise-induced energy to power the rest of the 24 hours ahead.

Speaking of taking time for fitness, once I find that time, I have an endless number of ways I can spend it at an NFC facility. That includes:





lifting free weights

using weight machines

jogging on the treadmill

moving on the elliptical

yoga class

Zumba class

Body Pump class

Barre class



rock climbing


watching a movie while burning calories


I must be forgetting something in this list, because there is always, always something different to do at an indoor facility like the nine throughout East Tennessee that NFC offers. Rain or shine, hot or cold, I never find an excuse to not get moving, once I get in the door.

I wanted to be sure to mention how much fun the Zumbathon was, when we raised $1,300 for Young-Williams Animal Center.

Zumbathon dog suit

Ronnie reminds me of something else.  He reminds me that those smiles and words of encouragement I can pass along to others throughout my day might boost someone else’s spirits. Where do you find your encouragement?  How do you pass it along to others?

This post is in cooperation with National Fitness Center, where I am proud to take part in the #teamNFC program!

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