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No More Mom Jeans

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This is a sponsored post in cooperation with Stonyfield and prAna.

No more mom jeans for me.  You know what I mean, don’t you? Those less-than-flattering pants pulled up to cover figure flaws, but creating a less-than-flattering look in the process.  I dared to try slim fitting jeans in a size smaller than I could wear this time last year, from a fun brand called Prana.  I chose classic indigo, but they come in other colors and patterns too.

Have you dared to try something different in your wardrobe lately?  Ever worried you weren’t the perfect body type for it or not young enough to wear the style?  That’s the way I was feeling about these jeans.  Turns out, these and other jeans at the website I visited are very fashion forward, and as a bonus, they’re woven from pure, organic cotton.  That means growing the cotton to make them didn’t pollute anyone’s land, water or air.  I know, it’s a concept that sounds a bit out there.  But did you know that conventionally grown cotton uses a quarter of all the insecticides used on the earth?  Cotton farming can heavily pollute our ecosystem, and on the upside, more and more organic cotton farming can help to clean it up.

whole milk Greek blueberries

Organic cotton jeans are the perfect fit for a fun post as a #StonyfieldBlogger, because I’ve been telling you for years now about organic dairy from Stonyfield being good for you and your family, all produced without toxic, persistent pesticides.  As you know, jeans are a comfortable, everyday choice, just like a convenient food like Whole Milk Green yogurt is easy to pair with fresh blueberries or other fruit.  Nothing complicated about it.  Just simple ingredients I can feel good about feeding my family.

Organic always means non-GMO, and the farm animals that produced the milk are pasture raised.  Plus, Greek yogurt tends to be higher in protein than regular yogurt, so it packs more quality food we can use into every bite.

Prana Jeans Standing

Oh, how I was tempted to Photoshop my photo because even in these adorable jeans, I still feel self conscious about my less-than-perfect body that’s given birth twice.  Instead, I’m being brave and sharing how strong I feel about stepping out in these jeans, and about eating organic whenever I can.

Here’s a discount code for 15% off prAna clothing SCS16ANBR that is good through July 7.  And if you enter the giveaway below, you just might win a free pair of these jeans for yourself. I hope you, too, satisfy your #SummerCravings for great clothes and great food!

This is a sponsored post in cooperation with Stonyfield and prAna.

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  1. Lindsay June 15, 2016 at 1:05 pm #

    Don’t be silly, you look great! Love Prana, I haven’t tried their jeans yet!
    Lindsay recently posted…20 Businesses, Artists & Authors You NEED to KnowMy Profile

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