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#teamNFC Members Inspiring More Inside & Outside The Gym

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This post is sponsored in cooperation with National Fitness Center’s #teamNFC program.

Losing weight, feeling more energy, beating stress, all great reasons that motivate me to move at my local fitness center.  I can’t say I’m bored or I can’t find a time that works for me, because there’s always something to do, one of these classes, or something I can try on my own.  I decided to share my feelings with you about the #teamNFC program.

TeamNFC banner

I’m inspired by the young mom with a baby who takes advantage of free childcare at the gym to do her workout. I’m inspired by the cancer survivor who diligently keeps up a routine.  I’m inspired by the man who had a stroke yet keeps on moving.

I’m motivated when I see the good things expectant mom Sarah of Knoxville Beauty Hunters is doing to raise awareness of fitness for people at all levels.  She’s also hosting a workout with proceeds going toward prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the Sweaty Seven, coming up Saturday, May 7.

I’m energized to see Vicky and Melissa training for the Marine Corps Marathon, and asking for your help raising money to buy a freedom jogger chair for someone with special needs.

I’m amazed at the tough-as-steel nerves that Shamir has when she survives things like this and keeps on competing in semi-professional fighting!

NFC Large Group Photo

I’m happy that I’ve lost at least 25 pounds since we took an earlier group photo of #teamNFC members last year.

I’m hopeful that even if you don’t have a gym membership now in East Tennessee, you can use something like this free trial membership (some restrictions apply) and get started trying what works for you.

Thanks to the #teamNFC program for the opportunity to try all of National Fitness Center’s programs and share them with you!


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